Top Ranking Tennis Achievement!

On the weekend of 26th February, Iris (Year 4) travelled to Sheffield with Stewart Bristow and his team to play in a tournament against players from around the UK. Iris was the youngest player there and, after the first day of play, qualified for the main draw. She then gained a place in the…

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Forest School Year 1 9.3.22

Anne Booth, a fabulous local author came to visit us this week in Forest School - we were very lucky. 

She read the book 'BLOOM' (in very sunny weather) which is all about being kind and caring. This was our theme for the afternoon. On offer were log slices and palm drills, which they could…

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Textiles - Fibre Art by year 4

Year 4 are delighted to share with you our cross curricular project inspired by the life and work of Faith Ringgold, an African American, female artist and author.

Our current display is of our own ‘fibre art’, a title used by Faith to describe her own particular form of art, combining…

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Year 3 Rocks Day!

This week Year 3 welcomed Andrew Berry from the Education People to deliver our hotly anticipated, annual Rocks Day! The children loved getting their hands on lots of different rocks, fossils and crystals and learnt about the structure of the Earth, the formation of sedimentary, metamorphic and…

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Roman Drama Workshop & Bread Making

Year 4 have had a great week baking Roman bread and participating in a drama workshop. The children imagined arriving in Ancient Britain and acted out how to build Roman roads, trade and march as a soldier.

They were very enthusiastic and it was lots of fun.

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Forest School Year 1 2.3.2022

This week was another 'get-very-muddy-and-have-lots-of-fun' kind of week. The rain turned our digging area into a mud slide! 

I told the children a story about looking after the plants in the forest and building shelters whilst sitting in our new shed. After a couple of games and counting…

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Hockey News!

 Tom and Sam (Year 4) have been selected for the Canterbury U10 Boys A-Team this year (both being the youngest in their age group). Their team played in the County Tournament in Folkestone on Sunday 27th February and they were runners-up (silver medallists to Sevenoaks who they actually beat in…

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Roman Artefact Afternoon

Yesterday, year 4 investigated and explored Roman artefacts from Canterbury museum. They handled coins, jewellery and pieces of Roman mosaic. A lovely afternoon. 

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Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

This week Year R opened their own pizza restaurant. Pupils took on the role of chef and practised their (scissor) cutting skills when making a tasty looking selection of pizzas - unfortunately inedible. They had a selection of paper ingredients to choose from – tomato sauce, pepperoni, green…

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Football Match v Chartham Girls

"On Thursday, the Bridge Girls football team played an away match against Chartham. It was a tough match to watch and play, because their defenders were strong and tried their hardest not to let any goals in. Although it was cold and muddy, we managed to score a goal followed by another in the…

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Year one insects

This week, Year one pupils have finished making imaginary insects from card and pipe cleaners. Throughout the art project we have been using the scientific language when referring to parts of the insects’ body - head, thorax, abdomen, wings and antennae.

Pupils worked independently when making…

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Year 5 - hot and cold collage

Despite much disruption due to covid absences of pupils and staff last term, Year 5 have been able to conclude their collage project this week.

Using inspiration from ‘Explore’, their class reading book, pupils have created collages using both hot and cold colours. Like artists Henry Matisse…

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