Nonsense Poetry

Thank you and well done to Evie, Alicia and Edie for completing the Nonsense Poetry and illustration challenge.


They wrote and illustrated their own version of Spike Miligan's nonsense poem, On The Ning Nang Nong!


Check out the gallery below to see their wonderful work.


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Your Quest… Mythological Beasts

Your Quest… Mythological Beasts.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Allen set the pupils of Bridge & Patrixbourne Primary School an art and writing quest with a mythological theme.

Pupils designed their own creatures. They used dice to decide the features of their creations and descriptive writing…

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Today at school – 30th April 2020.

After completing their Maths and English work today (and before their delicious lunch of pasta and meatballs), pupils spent some time with Mrs. ‘Green Fingers’ Andrews. Three weeks ago, pupils at school planted seeds – nasturiums, ox eye daisies, sunflowers and a pepper plant! Today (after lots of…

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The Toy Box

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the toys in your toy box came to life?

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Smith set 'The Toy Box' project to encourage creativity through both art and writing. 

Pupils unearthed inspiration from their toy boxes and practised their observational skills by…

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I’m Lost!

While we’ve been away, strange forms have been secretly roaming the school!

Pupils in year 5 have created sculptures inspired by the book ‘The Lost Thing’, which they studied within their English lessons. In their art lessons, pupils developed their observational drawing skills by drawing…

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Animal Collage

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their animal collages so far!

You have all worked so hard and your artwork is wonderful - they have really cheered me up!



I have added more collages to the gallery. Thank you to the following:

Dylan in…

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Darwin’s finches and his theory of evolution

Drawing inspiration from Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species, Year 6 pupils have been exploring collagraph and mono-printing techniques within their art lessons in term 3.

Altogether, before the copyright of his book expired in 1901, the publishers had printed 56,000 copies in the…

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Year 3 learn about Palm Oil

For a Christmas present, the adults in Year 3 adopted an orangutan for the children. Since then, they have wanted to help to stop the production of unsustainable palm oil in order to save the orangutans in Borneo becoming extinct.

They began their learning journey by looking at how…

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Tutu Trouble

On Wednesday 12th February year 4 had the opportunity to go to the Gulbenkian Theatre to see a performance called Tutu Trouble. The story, told mainly through dance, was about a dog and a girl who find a magical tutu in a box in the woods. When the dog (called Scruff ) puts the tutu on he just…

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What Makes You Unique?

Mrs Smith and a number of pupils in Year 6 have been working extremely hard during lunchtimes, art lessons and at home to create some truly unique and personal art pieces. Each piece of art aims to express each pupil’s personality and can be seen in the gallery below.

The artwork is mixed-media…

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Year 4 Get Creative

This week the children in year 4 have been learning to set out their sketch books. Today they have had great fun with drawing each other in ‘flying’ poses. 

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Year One have read ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and used this as a stimulus for English, Science and Art lessons this week. In art we are exploring different media starting with oil pastel and chalk pastels. After we tried out the materials and explored the effects that we could create we used them…

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