Year 2 relief printing

Since their return to school, Year 2 have been exploring relief printing and have created their own repeat patterns. Pupils have used their observational skills to draw from found leaves and photographs of British wildlife. The drawings were then used when designing and making their own printing…

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Papier mâché mountains

Design Technology – papier mâché

The fictional Professor Mont Blanc commissioned Year 3 to make her a teaching prop for her Geography lesson about mountains. She needed a model of a mountain which clearly showed its key features. It had to be big enough to be seen clearly by all pupils in the…

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Year 5 self-portraits

Within their Art lessons this term, Year 5 have been drawing self-portraits. Pupils started by lightly marking out the proportions of the face and where the features should be positioned. They then looked carefully at themselves in a mirror while using their observational skills to carefully draw…

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Year 4 Dragons

Last term, Year 4 pupils in school created Dragons for Chinese New Year using mixed media (paint and collage). They are very proud of them and would like to show them off. Well done Year 4!

Please check out the gallery below.

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'the monster'

‘the monster’

Outside the walls of the village in the dim and the dark there stalked an enemy from hell itself, the monster, the sworn enemy of God and men alike, a beast born of evil and shame. He heard the wondrous story of God’s good creation, and because it was good it was hateful to his…

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Year 2 wallpaper business!

Year 2, both at home and at school, have been creating their own patterns.

Pupils have explored William Morris’ textile and wallpaper designs and used them as inspiration to design their own repeat patterns. Within the project so far, pupils have practised their observational skills to draw…

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The Great Kapok Tree

To complement Miss Smith’s and Mr Perfect’s English work based on the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’, Year 5 pupils have been making their own scarlet macaw pictures. They have used mixed-media – including paint, colour pencil and collage.

These are fantastic! Well done Year 5!

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Norse Monsters!!!!

As part of the Year 6 Norse Mythology project, pupils have been painting the Kraken and other mythical monsters. It has been fun and slightly scary at times.

I have added a few monsters to the gallery below. Enjoy!

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Chinese New Year

To celebrate The Chinese New Year, pupils in Year 2 have been creating some Chinese dragons inspired by traditional brush painting . They also enjoyed listening to the traditional Chinese tale, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. Happy Chinese New Year!



Please look at the gallery below to…

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The Norse Gods

In English this term, Year 6 have been exploring Norse Mythology, in particular looking at the goddess Freya and Thor the god of thunder. Pupils have learnt how to punctuate dialogue accurately in order to help add quotes to newspaper reports as well as writing their own Viking myths. 


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Chair design.

In DT, Year 6 have been designing chairs with the aim for them to be sold at John Lewis online.

Pupils were asked to design chairs appealing to one of the following customers:

  • Student 18 -21 years old. A multi-purpose chair (it is their only chair in their one-room accommodation)
  • A…
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3SA make Egyptian necklaces

3SA made their Egyptian necklaces this week in DT with Mrs Amelia and Mrs Holdaway. The necklaces are inspired by Ancient Egypt and designed for a 'summer fashion collection.' They had to be appealing to their target customers; Egyptian themed; robust and functional; constructed to a high standard…

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