The Sound of Science

On Wednesday year 4 continued their science investigation of sound.

This week I asked the children to write a post in their own words. Thank you to Emma in 4ST.

"Yesterday in Science 4ST and 4JH had a great time learning about sound, vibrations and sound waves. Throughout the afternoon we…

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“On Tuesday 14th January, 13 children from Year 6 entered a Dodgeball competition at Canterbury Academy. We all played at least 4 matches against schools around Canterbury. Bridge 2 came 16th and Bridge 1 came 11th.” Cleo and Lucy (Y6)


” In the Dodgeball competition, we entered 2 teams.…

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Football Match - Girls

“On Thursday 16th January, we played a match against St Peter’s  and Chartham. The match against Chartham was 9-0 (we won) and the match against St Peter’s was 7-0 (we won). Everyone played exceptionally well and made big contributions.” Hannah (Y6)

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Hair today, gone on the 30th!

On Thursday 30th January, Seren will be donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust. 

With a little encouragement from Mum, Seren has decided to cut her extremely long hair, but decided she wanted to help others by doing this. After researching different charities, Seren chose to donate it…

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Year 4 Get Creative

This week the children in year 4 have been learning to set out their sketch books. Today they have had great fun with drawing each other in ‘flying’ poses. 

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Geography in Year 2

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about the continents and the oceans. We then found out about some of the different climates around the world. The children enjoyed making a class poster about rainforests. Next week we will use what the children have learnt to find out about how animals…

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Thermal Conductor Experiment

Today Year 5  have been scientists investigating properties of materials. We wanted to find out which material was the best thermal conductor. The children were given a list of equipment they had access to and then they were tasked with planning an experiment that would provide an answer to our…

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Year One have read ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and used this as a stimulus for English, Science and Art lessons this week. In art we are exploring different media starting with oil pastel and chalk pastels. After we tried out the materials and explored the effects that we could create we used them…

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Poppy's Poetry

Earlier this week, Poppy came to the Headteacher's Office with some excellent poetry which we'd like to share with you. I was really impressed by the language used and the mood that Poppy has managed to convey - well done Poppy.



by Poppy

Away lives the hill

far far moon…

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Have a 'Wizzard' Christmas

Following on from the glory and delight that was last year's Christmas Video, we've created yet another masterpiece to bring the Christmas joy!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and we'll see you in January!

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Year 5 Poetry

What Am I?

This term, Year 5 have been learning to write poetry, in particular riddles. The children learnt what the features of riddles are and then planned and created their own. Some children chose concrete nouns, whereas others chose abstract nouns. The children took great pleasure in…

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Maths Masterclass

Over the past five weekends, Aum, Tom and Eddie have represented the school at the University of Kent and taken part in a Mathematics Masterclass. Over the weeks they have solved problems, looked at patterns, broke codes and investigated shape. Well done a fantastic achievement!

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