Year 3 Cave Art!

Image of Year 3 Cave Art!

In English today, we had an Experience Day looking at the Stone Age medium of cave art. We explored the meaning behind lots of different examples and discussed why and how these illustrations would have been created. Following that, we divided into 'Stone Age Tribes' and devised a backstory for…

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Year 5 self-portraits

Image of Year 5 self-portraits

This term, Year 5 have been studying the self-portrait. We began the project by exploring self-portraits by well-known artists and learning a little about the artists’ lives. In preparation for drawing their own self-portraits using 2B/4B pencil, we discussed the proportions of the face and the…

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Crafting in the Art loft

On Thursday 16th March a group of Year 4s were lucky enough to go to The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Near Dover to take part in an Art and craft workshop. We were met by Lily, a student who is completing her Gold Art Award and Head of Art Mrs Keeler. We were taken to their large, light…

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FOLD, SCRUNCH, MAKE - art workshop

Image of FOLD, SCRUNCH, MAKE - art workshop

Thank you to Creative Folkestone, for running an Art workshop for a group of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils this week. We worked with two local artists Tania and Emily who delivered the art workshop: FOLD, SCRUNCH, MAKE Wearable Sculptures. Emily’s background is in fashion design and this was reflected in…

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Dog Agility News - Georgia (Y6)

Image of Dog Agility News - Georgia (Y6)

Interview with Georgia (Y6) following winning Dog Agility competition


Q: How long have you been doing Dog Agility for?

A: I have been doing it for two years now. I started training for one year, and then I started doing competitions.


Q: How long did it take to train Tilly?


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Year 3 Rocks Days

Image of Year 3 Rocks Days

We were very lucky in Year 3 to be visited by an expert in rocks from The Education People. Both classes had fun filled days with a large variety of activities.

We examined rocks using microscopes and identified the features of each.

We learnt about fossils and were able to cast our own…

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Year R Train Drivers

Image of Year R Train Drivers

Within art this week, Year R children had great fun impersonating train drivers, steering an imaginary steam train and avoiding obstacles on the tracks. Approximately half the class told me that they had driven a real train before so I knew we were all in safe hands!!!


After a short chat…

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Faith Ringgold story quilts - Year 4

Image of Faith Ringgold story quilts - Year 4

Year 4 are delighted to share with you our cross curricular project inspired by the life and work of Faith Ringgold, an African American female artist and author.

Our current display is of our own ‘fibre art’, a title used by Faith to describe her own particular form of art, combining…

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Year 6 figures in motion - sculpture

Image of Year 6 figures in motion - sculpture

In term 3, Year 6 designed and made sculptures depicting the human figure in motion. To begin the project, pupils explored the proportions of the human figure and drew from wooden mannequins. They then attempted to sketch from movement on film (sporting imagery).


As a class, we studied…

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Year 3 Visit the Stone Age

Image of Year 3 Visit the Stone Age

Yesterday, Year 3 took a flight on Topic Airways back in time to the Stone Age. When we landed, our plane was boarded by a smelly, hairy Stone Age man named CLAW. In his broken English, he taught us about life in the Stone Age, including how he hunts, how the women and children gather food and…

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Year R loop the loop!

Image of Year R loop the loop!

Year R continue to practise their gross motor skills and build their core muscles. During our art lesson this week, we concentrated on making loops and circular movements using whole arms, shoulders and generally moving the whole body.


After a short warm-up, we practised our moves within…

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Embrace Your Body

Image of Embrace Your Body

Body image is a topic that quite often comes up as children get older and I came across this video which seeks to promote body positive imagery among our children. The messages that our children receive are a concern as they can feel under pressure to conform to an 'expected' body image by their…

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