Key Stage 2 Ball Games Club

Image of Key Stage 2 Ball Games Club

It has been a pleasure to teach a group of 12 Key Stage 2 boys two disabled-friendly sports over the last 8 weeks. We started with Goalball, an invasion game where the children wore blindfolds and had to use their hearing skills to locate an audible ball and defend their goal. We then moved onto…

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Canterbury Light Parade 2023

Image of Canterbury Light Parade 2023

Last Friday, a group of Bridge pupils and their parents took part in The Christmas Light Parade through Canterbury. The parade started near the Westgate Gardens and made its way (past the many onlookers) through Canterbury city centre. We finished in the Dane John Gardens where we were greeted by…

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Craft Club

Image of Craft Club

Children from Year 1-3 have been getting crafty at Craft Club after school on a Tuesday with Mrs Scott. They have been using different materials and techniques to create some lovely things. 


Here are some that have been made over the past few weeks:


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Year 5 Space Day

Image of Year 5 Space Day

This week, Jackson from As Creatives delivered a Space themed workshop to both Year 5 classes. Through a range of drama-based activities the children learnt all about the planets which make up our solar system. We then focused on Earth and its orbit around the sun, as well as the moon's…

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Year 5 Segregation Lesson

Image of Year 5 Segregation Lesson

Today we began our learning around Hidden Figures. The theme of the learning this term will be racism and discrimination felt in the 1960 in Southern states of America. This is a mature and emotive topic that in the past has resulted in the children producing some very emotive and mature writing.…

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Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Image of Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Year 5 have been given the challenge of designing and making toy Moon Buggies for children aged 9-10. The product specification is as follows:


  • It must move using an elastic band ‘pull back’ mechanism
  • Have 4 wheel and 2 axels
  • The dimensions must not exceed an A4 piece of paper
  • Be…
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Write Dance - The Sea

Image of Write Dance - The Sea

To practise their gross motor skills this week, Year R pupils have been swimming through an imaginary sea!


To begin, we had a gentle swim in the tranquil sea. We practised our front stroke, back stroke and breast stroke to ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’. Very relaxing. When the imaginary…

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Year one mark-making and autumn leaves

Image of Year one mark-making and autumn leaves

This week, Year 1 have finished creating autumn leaves from their marking-making paintings.


Last term, the children explored mark-making but not with traditional tools! As whole classes, we looked at marks and lines made with unusual household objects and discussed what they reminded us…

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Cultural objects - Year 6

Image of Cultural objects - Year 6

Throughout term 1, Year 6 practised their observational skills by drawing objects and photographs of cultural objects from around the world. As well as studying them carefully, pupils also considered the cultural significance of such artefacts and discussed how they were acquired by museums for…

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Lost Thing Sculptures

Image of Lost Thing Sculptures

Just before the half-term holidays, Year 5 finished making their ‘Lost Thing’ abstract sculptures. The pupil’s work was inspired by Shaun Tan’s picture book ‘The Lost Thing’; their own observational drawings of natural forms and ‘not so' natural form objects and sculptures by the artists Grayson…

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Creative Folkestone Art Workshop - Still life

Image of Creative Folkestone Art Workshop - Still life

A big thank you to Creative Folkestone for running another Art workshop for a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils at the end of term one. The children worked with two local artists Tania and Emily who delivered the art workshop: Drawing Installation.


The session began with a warm-up task of…

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Year 6 Forest School Term 1 2023

Image of Year 6 Forest School Term 1 2023

We were lucky to have a very sunny last term out in Forest School. 

The children learned a new knot- the Clove hitch -challenge them to practise this at home with any string you can find. We got out knives and peelers to make bows and arrows, which were great fun. 

Some children got very…

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