Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Image of Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Year 5 have been given the challenge of designing and making toy Moon Buggies for children aged 9-10. The product specification is as follows:


  • It must move using an elastic band ‘pull back’ mechanism
  • Have 4 wheel and 2 axels
  • The dimensions must not exceed an A4 piece of paper
  • Be…
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Year R sewing - fine motor skills!

Image of Year R sewing - fine motor skills!

Throughout the academic year, pupils in Year R have been working hard to develop and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills. Our journey began in September with the children making large whole-body movements through play, exploring activities and in Write Dance lessons. Children gradually…

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Clockwork shadow puppets - Year 5

Image of Clockwork shadow puppets - Year 5

Last term, Year 5 studied ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. Pupils have at last finished designing, making and performing with their shadow-puppets inspired by the book. They explored the traditional shadow puppets from South East Asia and the work of German animator and film director, Lotte…

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Year 4 Bird Feeders DT

Image of Year 4 Bird Feeders DT

In our DT lessons for Term 6, Year 4 have made bird feeders from recycled materials using the explore, design, make and evaluate process. The brief was to consider the functionality and incorporate a unique feature. The children had to explore how to fix different materials together and how to…

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Year R imaginary gardens......paper construction

Image of Year R imaginary gardens......paper construction

Year R continue to practise joining materials within their art lessons. Over the last two weeks, I have been shrinking each child to the size of an insect! Whilst small, the children have been imagining the exploration of strange and colourful gardens. They have considered space, shape and…

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UCA/Bridge collaboration - exhibition open!

Image of UCA/Bridge collaboration - exhibition open!

Dream Dwellings’ (Dream House) project exhibition.


Fourteen children from Years 4, 5 and 6  recently took part in an architecture project in collaboration with UCA (University for the Creative Arts) MA students. All of the work from the project is now exhibited in our welcome…

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Dream Dwellings Project - collaboration with UCA

Image of Dream Dwellings Project - collaboration with UCA

UCA and Bridge school collaboration – ‘Dream Dwellings’ architecture project


Fourteen pupils from year 4, 5 and 6 have had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with a group of MA Architecture students from UCA (University for the Creative Arts) in Canterbury.


Before the Easter…

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Year R papier-mâché bowls

Image of Year R papier-mâché bowls

Year R pupils are practising joining materials this term. Over the last two week, pupils have been making papier-mâché bowls within their art lessons (joining paper).


They began by making their own paste (glue) using 1 part flour and 2 parts water. They each measured out cups of the…

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Dancing birds!

Image of Dancing birds!

Last term, Pupils in Year 6 explored electrical circuits within their science and DT lessons. Within DT, the majority of pupils designed and made dolls houses with lights and sounds; a small group made dancing toy birds.


With a flick of a switch, the birds dance, vibrate and spin around.…

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Year 5 Forest School Term 5 2023

Image of Year 5 Forest School Term 5 2023

This term has been filled with new experiments and challenges.

Year 5 were the first to make their own pencils

They built a fire, cut willow branches with secateurs, placed them in a tin with a little hole in made by a nail,  in embers (until the colour of the smoke changed) and they used…

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Year 3 Magnificent Mountains

Image of Year 3 Magnificent Mountains

To finalise our learning on Mountains and Rivers this term, today we designed and made our own models. To begin with, we chose the materials we wanted to use before getting to work on our masterpieces. Once the models were complete we added the labels, detailing the features of both rivers and…

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Masked Year 4s

Image of Masked Year 4s

Have you ever watched the Masked Singer or The Masked Dancer on the Tv? If you have, you may have marvelled at the masks that the contestants wear. Year 4 were challenged to imagine that they were going to be on this show. They had to explore, research, design, make and evaluate a mask. They had…

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