At Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School, we believe that the curriculum is much more than the subjects that are taught, it includes the entirety of their experiences whilst they are at school which promote our three key outcomes – creativity, excellence and resilience.

The core subjects of English and Mathematics are taught discreetly on a weekly basis although, if possible, links are made with the topics that the children are studying. Much of the curriculum is delivered through topics that engages and excites the children as this is when children learn best.

These may be taught in a block or discreetly across a number of weeks depending upon the subject matter.

We are fortunate enough to have a number of specialists who teach Art, Music, Tennis and Dance across the school. Year 4 children will also have swimming lessons in the Autumn Term.

As a Church of England School, we use the Diocese of Canterbury Agreed Syllabus to learn about other religions and world views, fostering respect for them.

You can find further information about the curriculum on our website or you can contact us via the school office.

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