Last summer, Bridge School took part in a project with Folkestone FM to train children (and staff) to create their own radio programmes.

Our experience of the Reconnect Radio programme has been an entirely positive one.  From the moment we made contact with David we have worked collaboratively to ensure that the goals of the programme were met and most importantly, the needs of the children were met.  The main cohort of 60 year 5 children have loved going to our 'recording studio' for their training in anticipation for them to work on a school-wide radio programme the following year.  There was even an opportunity for 4 children who had demonstrated a particular aptitude in the training with Helen, to create our first episode.  The potential uses of the technology are huge in our school.  From speech and language development as well as the obvious teamwork and confidence benefits.  We have already begun using the technology and training with the year 5s and 6s to create audiobooks for the younger children of the school.  Installing the equipment was a brief challenge at the beginning however once a sufficient space had been created it was no problem whatsoever.  This allowed for ease of use in a designated space and with flexible approaches from our staff we were able to benefit from the regular sessions.  Our pupils are very excited about the enormous opportunities available to us in the future as a result of this programme.  We will gradually train more staff in a timely fashion in order to broaden the benefit and allow this wonderful opportunity to enhance the experiences of even more of our children.  David and Helen have been a pleasure to work with.

James Wren, Year 6 Teacher


Many thanks to Dave and Helen Sharp from Folkestone FM and the children's first offering on Mental Wellbeing is published below.


Episode 1: Building Bridges by Ava, Beatrice, Holly & Rosie


Episode 2: Building Bridges by Ava, Beatrice, Holly & Rosie

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