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2 December 2021

Prototype chairs - Year 6

Our focus on Design Technology continues this term and the Year 6 chair project progresses well. This week, the pupils have been making prototypes of their chairs from paper straws, paper and masking tape. These models give the children an opportunity to test their designs, structures, and dimens...

26 November 2021

Mayan Day

Thank you to everyone in year 4 for participating so enthusiastically in our Mayan Day. The outfits were brilliant. We all enjoyed being explorers and discovering new things about the Maya. We learnt about a few of the many gods including the sun god and the maize god and why they were so im...

22 November 2021

DT - Year 3 weaving

The Year three topic this term is Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils are designing and making necklaces (inspired by Ancient Egyptian art) for a summer ‘collection’ – Egyptian style is back in fashion after 5000 years! This is a DT textiles unit, so the main fea...

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