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23 May 2022

Kent Schools Golf Championship News

On 3rd May, Christina (Year6) competed in the Kent Schools Golf Championships. Oscar (School Council , Year 6) interviewed her and Georgia (Year 6) took notes: O: How long did it take to get to the tournament? C: 45 minutes. O: What sort of tournament was it? C: A tournament for comp...

22 May 2022

Year 6 Relief prints - figures

This term, Year 6 have created relief prints inspired by their ‘human figure in motion’ sculptures. The prints have been made using three printing plates. The backgrounds are collagraph (collage) prints made from fabric attached to a cardboard base with PVA glue and printed using a pr...

20 May 2022

Ceramic tiles

Year 3 have had a wonderful time making flower relief tiles from clay. They investigated relief art forms and designed their tiles using their knowledge about the parts and functions of a plant from their science lessons. They used many skills such as rolling, shaping, smoothing and attaching 2 p...

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