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17 September 2021

Folkestone Triennial Trip

The Folkestone Art Triennial is a project run by Creative Folkestone and is the largest exhibition of newly commissioned work presented in the UK. Artists are invited to use the town as their gallery, utilising public spaces to create art that reflects issues affecting both the town and the wider...

15 September 2021

Year 1 mark-making

Year one pupils have been exploring mark-making techniques this term. They have used a variety of objects - forks, spatulas, feathers, nail brushes and sponges are among the tools used. The children mixed secondary colours with their paint, dipped their tools in and experimented with di...

15 September 2021

£1 a box for the NHS

Many of our children engage in charity to work to raise money and awareness for both local and national charities and today we were very pleased to hear about what Cara has been doing to support our NHS. Over the past couple of weeks, Cara has been picking, weighing, boxing and then selling gr...

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