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23 January 2020

The Sound of Science

On Wednesday year 4 continued their science investigation of sound. This week I asked the children to write a post in their own words. Thank you to Emma in 4ST. "Yesterday in Science 4ST and 4JH had a great time learning about sound, vibrations and sound waves. Throughout the afternoon...

21 January 2020


“On Tuesday 14th January, 13 children from Year 6 entered a Dodgeball competition at Canterbury Academy. We all played at least 4 matches against schools around Canterbury. Bridge 2 came 16th and Bridge 1 came 11th.” Cleo and Lucy (Y6)   ” In the Dodgeball competition...

21 January 2020

Football Match - Girls

“On Thursday 16th January, we played a match against St Peter’s  and Chartham. The match against Chartham was 9-0 (we won) and the match against St Peter’s was 7-0 (we won). Everyone played exceptionally well and made big contributions.” Hannah (Y6)

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