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25 November 2022

Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is open!   Sometimes known as ‘wonder rooms’, cabinets of curiosities contain small collections of extraordinary and interesting objects. Our ‘wonder room’ is curated by our librarian, Mrs Haynes.   The Cabinet of Curiositie...

21 November 2022

Year 3 Shadow Puppet Theatres

As part of our science learning around Light and Shadows, the children of Year 3 became puppeteers today and investigated the pattern between the distance of a torch and the size of the shadow created. The children recognised that the closer the torch, the bigger the shadow, as more light was bei...

18 November 2022

Year 6 chair project update!

Our DT projects consist of four steps – explore, design, make and evaluate. Year 6 are designing chairs for an Action-man sized person. Pupils have been given a brief and have chosen their target customer and the style of chair they will make. Week one To begin the p...

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