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21 March 2023
Image of Year 3 Cave Art!

Year 3 Cave Art!

In English today, we had an Experience Day looking at the Stone Age medium of cave art. We explored the meaning behind lots of different examples and discussed why and how these illustrations would have been created. Following that, we divided into 'Stone Age Tribes' and devised a backsto...

19 March 2023
Image of Year 5 self-portraits

Year 5 self-portraits

This term, Year 5 have been studying the self-portrait. We began the project by exploring self-portraits by well-known artists and learning a little about the artists’ lives. In preparation for drawing their own self-portraits using 2B/4B pencil, we discussed the proportions of the face and...

17 March 2023

Crafting in the Art loft

On Thursday 16th March a group of Year 4s were lucky enough to go to The Duke of York’s Royal Military School, Near Dover to take part in an Art and craft workshop. We were met by Lily, a student who is completing her Gold Art Award and Head of Art Mrs Keeler. We were taken to their large, ...

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