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21 July 2022

Year 3 Egg Drop Challenge

To conclude our learning on Forces this term, we explored the air resistance of parachutes! To test our learning, we made parachutes for hard boiled eggs! The teachers then dropped the parachutists out of the window as we watched from the ground with our fingers crossed for a safe landing. T...

21 July 2022

Year 3 Sound Collector Poems

Year 3 have been exploring the poem, Sound Collector, by the poet Roger McGough. The poem imagines a world without the noises that fill our ears so we went on a sound walk around school to identify to sounds of Bridge! After this, we were treated to a personal reading of the poem by Roger himself...

15 July 2022

Clockwork illustrations - Year 5

Within their English lessons this term, Year 5 have been describing the characters Karl and Fritz from the book ‘Clockwork’ by Philip Pullman. To support their writing, pupils have been using these descriptions to inspire drawings of the characters in their Art lessons. As a class...

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