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7 May 2021

Year 3 music and art

Our Art and Music project continues. Mr Miles worked with 3SA this week; they explored the interpretation of shapes and lines into music using percussion instruments. Meanwhile, in art, I worked with 3HA. Pupils interpreted music through art, creating concertina sketchbooks. They listened to a...

4 May 2021

Year R paint watermelon

Year R were practising their observational drawing and painting skills today. Working in small groups, the children painted slices of watermelon. They carefully looked at the melon before sketching its shape with pencil. They were introduced to primary colours and mixed their own secondary a...

4 May 2021

Poppy's Hair - The Little Princess Trust

Poppy in Year 6 has been supporting The Little Princess Trust by cutting off over 30cm of her hair and raising money for the charity.  Poppy wrote 'I am cutting off 30cm (it turned out to be 37cm) of my hair for 'The Little Princess Trust'. The Little Princess Trust makes...

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