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23 February 2024
Image of Year R - joining materials

Year R - joining materials

Throughout term 3, Year R practised joining materials together. The children have created large-scale collaged pictures inspired by fairy tales; made their own glue from flour and water; created lollipops and wands; learnt how to use tabs and PVA glue; practised wrapping pipe cleaners; used hole ...

23 February 2024
Image of Call Me Gorgeous - Year 1

Call Me Gorgeous - Year 1

Throughout term 3, Year 1 children worked towards the completion of their ‘Call Me Gorgeous’ collages inspired by the book by Giles and Alexandra Milton. The artworks consist of a background, midground and foreground.   The backgrounds depict a starry n...

23 February 2024
Image of Figures in motion - Year 6

Figures in motion - Year 6

In term 3, Year 6 designed and made sculptures depicting the human figure in motion. To begin the project, pupils explored the proportions of the human figure and drew from wooden mannequins. They then attempted to sketch from movement on film (sporting imagery).   As a class, we ...

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