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31 March 2021

Year 2 relief printing

Since their return to school, Year 2 have been exploring relief printing and have created their own repeat patterns. Pupils have used their observational skills to draw from found leaves and photographs of British wildlife. The drawings were then used when designing and making their own printing ...

30 March 2021

Papier mâché mountains

Design Technology – papier mâché The fictional Professor Mont Blanc commissioned Year 3 to make her a teaching prop for her Geography lesson about mountains. She needed a model of a mountain which clearly showed its key features. It had to be big enough to be seen clear...

19 March 2021

Year 5 self-portraits

Within their Art lessons this term, Year 5 have been drawing self-portraits. Pupils started by lightly marking out the proportions of the face and where the features should be positioned. They then looked carefully at themselves in a mirror while using their observational skills to carefully draw...

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