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23 June 2021

Visit to Waterstones - Save the Orangutans

In 2020 Year 3 wrote letters to different companies asking them to stop using palm oil to help to save Orangutans. The two classes received lots of replies and one of the children, Lily, received a reply from the Compass group stating that they were going to complete company review of the pr...

18 June 2021

Trees - Year 1

Year 1 have continued to explore plants and nature this term. Within their art lessons pupils have been painting trees. They started by drawing a simple trunk and branches while carefully observing a photograph of a tree. Pupils were asked to try and keep their pencil on the A3 paper (as best the...

15 June 2021

Year R - texture

Today Year R were exploring texture and printing. Pupils first learnt about texture; they felt and described various textured materials and objects before printing from them. They applied the paint with sponges, laid the textured materials on their paper (ink down) and then applied pres...

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