Reading is the heart of education and the key to independent learning. At Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School we want to inspire and motivate our children to be confident, competent readers who see it as a valuable, worthwhile and enjoyable activity from the moment their individual journey begins with us - not just children who can read.

Reading is placed at the heart of our creative curriculum at Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School and learning is brought alive through a wide range high quality literature both within our school library and as part of the taught curriculum in class.

Through our curriculum, it is important that we give our children opportunities to gain an understanding of social and cultural differences which they can identify with and learn more about what is happening in the world around them. We do this through offering a wide range of genres and through ensuring that the books available to the children accurately and sensitively represent children with differing needs, different cultures and in different family settings.

Reading for pleasure contributes to educational success and it is our vision that through nurturing reading and language the children will become not only confident readers but develop an innate life-long love for reading and equip them for the next stage of their journey.

To encourage a true love for reading, we believe that this has to be modelled and we do this through: reading events throughout the year; giving the children time to read for enjoyment each day and also having opportunities to listen to stories being read to them.

Children are initially taught to read through synthetic phonics and more information can be found on our dedicated Phonics page.

We have recently introduced the Accelerated Reader program in school, which enables us to ensure that the children are reading at the appropriate level and content of materiel for their individual ability. Whilst the scheme allows us to not only monitor and challenge the children’s’ reading progress it supports the children in becoming ‘well rounded’ readers who read a book knowing that it is the right level for them to truly understand , enjoy the book and are in control of what they read.

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