What fantastic day World Book Day we all had!

It was a real pleasure to walk around the school and share the learning that was going on in each year group. From Reception to Year 6, the children were engaged in reading activities and enjoying creating their own books for a competition. Below are a few comments from the year group teachers on what they did throughout the day.

In Year 1, we have been enjoying reading the book 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes.  We started our learning by using the book to plan our own stories about losing our favourite toy, just like in the original book.  We then had great fun using our plans to create our own 8 page pictures books!

In Year 2, we created our stories based on the children’s interest. In 2GD the children had really enjoyed our work on pets so we created a story using the children’s pets as the main characters. We thought about what they may get up to when we weren’t at home. In 2FP the children used the characters they had come dressed as for World Book Day and used these to help to create a story.

In Year 3, we began World Book Day by enjoying each other's costumes and reminiscing about our favourite characters. To start our learning, we had an assembly which explained the meaning and importance of reading for pleasure, accompanied by an addictive song! We then read some picture books and discussed how these can be equally appealing to older learners by unpicking their deeper meaning. Using this enthusiasm, we turned our attention to our year group book. In English this term, we have been studying the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura, where a modern boy falls into the Stone Age and experiences primeval life. We thought it would be cool to flip this plot on its head and bring Om (the Stone Age girl) into 2022! Each pair took an aspect of modern life that they think Om would be fascinated by and created their page of Om's day in the 21st century. To end the day, we showcased our costumes to the school in the Key Stage Two parade!

In Year 5, the children decided that they would create their own picture book. They looked at numerous picture books, authors and illustrators and discussed that sometimes you do not need words to tell a story; as by looking at images it allows ‘the reader’ to create their own interpretations and of the storyline. With the sad conflicts around the world at the moment, they also wanted to recognise this in their class book as so looked at the story book ‘Blowin in the Wind’ which puts images to the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song. This inspired them to subtly include their own individual message of hope, harmony and peace through an image on their page of the book.

Year 6 began World Book Day by sharing the characters that they came dressed as and the books where the character came from.  The children completed a range of fun activities which acted as a Hook for WBD.  The main activity throughout the course of the day was to create a picture book of a chosen theme.  The theme for our book was memories from Year R to Year 6 as a child in Bridge School. 

A Trip Down Conyngham Lane takes you on a 'through the eyes of a child' journey in Bridge School. Starting from reception, progressing to year 6, the children's memories of their time in different year groups have been used to tell their story.

World Book Day