At Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP School, we aim to provide the children with high-quality history teaching that allows the pupils to gain greater historical knowledge as well as increasing their understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world.

The teaching of history across the school inspires the pupils’ curiosity and opportunities to learn more and explore more about the past. We want the children to develop a range of historical skills and apply them across all their learning in school.

We see History as a puzzle for the children to explore and understand. We will give the children the skills to question sources of information and form their own opinion based on the evidence available to them.

We aim to link our History lessons in a cross curricular way, always striving to provide unique and exciting educational and cultural opportunities. Children need to know that the story of the past is told differently. History is created from the evidence that remains and the children need to question the validity and reliability of information.

It is vital that the children have the confidence to ask questions and to know which questions to ask. Through the teaching of history, children will be given the necessary training to be open-minded and respectful of evidence.

Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School have created a number of links to local museums in and around Canterbury and as a school we are surrounded by a plethora of exciting historical landmarks for the children to explore.

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