Cultural objects - Year 6

Image of Cultural objects - Year 6

Throughout term 1, Year 6 practised their observational skills by drawing objects and photographs of cultural objects from around the world. As well as studying them carefully, pupils also considered the cultural significance of such artefacts and discussed how they were acquired by museums for…

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Year 5 Ancient Greek Prints

Image of Year 5 Ancient Greek Prints

This week, Year 5 have been finishing their Ancient Greek inspired reduction prints using polystyrene relief printing blocks. Pupils first drew out their designs and then transferred them on to the printing blocks. Lines within the design were pressed down with a pencil meaning that other areas…

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Year 5 Greek Day 2023

Image of Year 5 Greek Day 2023

On Thursday the 22nd of June, Year Five were treated to a wonderful Greek day. We had lots of fun learning all about Greek history. In the morning  Malena,  Spyros and Aleka came in to help us write our names in Greek, on tiles or plates. Thankfully,  Malena had written all our names out already…

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Year 3 KRAN Presentation

Image of Year 3 KRAN Presentation

In celebration of World Refugee Day which was yesterday (20th June), the children received a talk from Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) today. They learnt about what a refugee is, the journey that refugees take to seek safety and then the children had the opportunity to ask their own questions.…

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3JA Beach Trip

Image of 3JA Beach Trip

On Tuesday, 3JA visited Tankerton beach for some activities that were inspired by our Topic of the Stone Age and Science exploration of Rocks.

The journey took 30 minutes and we were lucky to arrive before the rain! Our first activity was creating miniature models of Skara Brae and Stonehenge…

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3LC Beach Trip

Image of 3LC Beach Trip

3LC visited Tankerton Beach today as a way to finish off our Stone Age History topic.

Before lunch, we did two activities:

The first activity was rebuilding Scara Brae or Stonehenge out of rocks that we found on the beach. We really liked this even though it was hard. Our second activity was…

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Coronation Bench competition - Year 6

Image of Coronation Bench competition - Year 6

Earlier in the term 4, six wonderful artists in Year 6 worked together after school to create a ‘Coronation Bench’ design to be entered into an art competition run by The Tower of London.


Well done Alfie, Melita, Stella, Poppy Mae, Finley and Lily! From more than 1,500 bench designs, our…

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Year 3 Cave Art!

Image of Year 3 Cave Art!

In English today, we had an Experience Day looking at the Stone Age medium of cave art. We explored the meaning behind lots of different examples and discussed why and how these illustrations would have been created. Following that, we divided into 'Stone Age Tribes' and devised a backstory for…

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Faith Ringgold story quilts - Year 4

Image of Faith Ringgold story quilts - Year 4

Year 4 are delighted to share with you our cross curricular project inspired by the life and work of Faith Ringgold, an African American female artist and author.

Our current display is of our own ‘fibre art’, a title used by Faith to describe her own particular form of art, combining…

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Year 3 Visit the Stone Age

Image of Year 3 Visit the Stone Age

Yesterday, Year 3 took a flight on Topic Airways back in time to the Stone Age. When we landed, our plane was boarded by a smelly, hairy Stone Age man named CLAW. In his broken English, he taught us about life in the Stone Age, including how he hunts, how the women and children gather food and…

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Masked Year 4s

Image of Masked Year 4s

Have you ever watched the Masked Singer or The Masked Dancer on the Tv? If you have, you may have marvelled at the masks that the contestants wear. Year 4 were challenged to imagine that they were going to be on this show. They had to explore, research, design, make and evaluate a mask. They had…

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Year 3 Egyptian Necklaces - DT

Image of Year 3 Egyptian Necklaces - DT

The Year three topic last term was Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils designed and made necklaces inspired by Ancient Egyptian art. This was a textiles project and the main feature on each necklace is a rectangular shaped piece of weaving. Pupils also explored making tassels and paper…

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