Nonsense Poetry

Thank you and well done to Evie, Alicia and Edie for completing the Nonsense Poetry and illustration challenge.


They wrote and illustrated their own version of Spike Miligan's nonsense poem, On The Ning Nang Nong!


Check out the gallery below to see their wonderful work.


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Your Quest… Mythological Beasts

Your Quest… Mythological Beasts.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Allen set the pupils of Bridge & Patrixbourne Primary School an art and writing quest with a mythological theme.

Pupils designed their own creatures. They used dice to decide the features of their creations and descriptive writing…

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The Toy Box

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the toys in your toy box came to life?

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Smith set 'The Toy Box' project to encourage creativity through both art and writing. 

Pupils unearthed inspiration from their toy boxes and practised their observational skills by…

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500 Words - The Nice Story

The Nice Story

By Bruno (Year 1)


Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a big explosion happened in the middle of nowhere and there created some monsters and aliens.  Then there was a shadow. It had wings and scales and red eyes.  It had a metal mask.  The dragon had a big, big, big…

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Darwin Diaries

Year 6 have been learning about Charles Darwin and, this week, have been writing a letter in the style of Charles Darwin.

Sophie came along to show me her writing today and explained that she was using old-fashioned vocabulary and lots of descriptive language in her letter which you can see…

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Posting our Letters

Year One were very excited to write letters to their families. In their letters they have explained that they will be taking their pets home for the holiday. They have introduced their pets and offered reassurance about whose job it will be to look after them! The children are now very…

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500 Words - The Snow Globe

The Snow Globe

by Amelie

One day, Lucy was in the loft, when she came across the old Christmas stuff from last year. Lucy saw a glimpse of something glowing brightly, she bent down and pulled out a globe of some sort. I can't remember this from last year, she said. I wonder when it got up…

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500 Words - The Haunted House

The Haunted House 
By Lily

Once on a very dark, cold night there lived the Nicholls family.  They were a kind hearted, happy family.

Their house was quite grand but there was only one thing about their house, their house was a ……………. HAUNTED HOUSE!!

The story begins with all the…

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Our Class Pets

The children were delighted to choose their own class pets this week. Each child has been given a cuddly toy to look after (which they will eventually bring home). The aim of this project is to inspire the children to be more focused, more creative and more motivated to write in child-initiated…

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Poppy's Poetry

Earlier this week, Poppy came to the Headteacher's Office with some excellent poetry which we'd like to share with you. I was really impressed by the language used and the mood that Poppy has managed to convey - well done Poppy.



by Poppy

Away lives the hill

far far moon…

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Last week we planned and wrote our super hero stories. The children were very proud of themselves, as were we, and many of them have chosen to display their writing on our proud wall.

Today we have made our own potato superheroes inspired by ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. We talked about the…

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The Adventures of Odysseus

Year 6 had great fun presenting their diary entries recounting Odysseus’s encounter with the Cyclops. We turned our classrooms into Greek feasting halls and shared our amazing writing with each other.

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