Learning a foreign language helps children develop an appreciation of other cultures and deepens their understanding of the world. At Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School we aim to enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond both in speech and in writing.

At Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School the Modern Foreign Language we study is French. Although the national curriculum only requires the subject be taught from Year 3 onwards we recognise the importance of encouraging a love of languages from the start of school, so pupils will be exposed to French, and other languages from Reception. A key purpose of including a European dimension in education is to develop pupils understanding of cultural diversity, and to refine their attitudes and perceptions about other countries, particularly one so close to us. Above all, we aim to provide opportunities for our pupils to communicate for practical purposes, so that they can use these skills within real-life situations.

Celebrating Teaching & Learning


Pupil Voice

I really enjoy French lessons , they are fun.

I love learning French.

I like the new videos as they help us with how to say the words correctly.

I like the lessons as there is not much writing – I prefer speaking the words rather than writing them.

I like that we have to write the words into sentences and not just say them.

French Documents

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