Monday 24th March to Thursday 27th March marked an unforgettable experience for six talented students from Year 5 and 6 at Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School. With excitement and anticipation in the air, these young adventurers embarked on a thrilling French exchange trip to the charming city of Montpellier, leaving their mark on the international stage.

The journey itself began with an exhilarating dash to the airport gate, akin to the famous scene from Home Alone. With only ten minutes to spare before the gate closed, our students made it through security just in time. Once on the plane, a sense of relaxation and excitement took over as they eagerly anticipated their arrival in Montpellier.

Accompanied by their dedicated teachers, our intrepid students had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture and language of France. Staying with warm and welcoming host families from Eridan International School, they were able to truly experience the local way of life.

Interestingly, it seemed that our students brought a piece of Britain with them, as everyone they encountered commented on the quintessentially British weather. Despite this small reminder of home, our students embraced the unfamiliar and made the most of their time in Montpellier.

Throughout their time in Montpellier, the children engaged in a variety of captivating lessons, embracing the diverse subjects taught at Eridan International School. From the obvious French language lessons to English literature, Maths, History, PE, and Geography, our students demonstrated their intellectual curiosity and eagerness to learn. They proved to be exceptional ambassadors for Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School.

Beyond the classroom, our students were treated to exciting adventures by their host families during their free time. Exploring the local area and thier picturesque streets, indulging in delicious French cuisine, and creating unforgettable memories.

While it is natural for homesickness to creep in, our resilient students unanimously declared that they had an incredible time and have already begun inquiring about the possibility of returning next year. The accompanying staff couldn't be prouder of their enthusiasm and adaptability.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of eight students and two staff members from Eridan Ecole in April. As the cultural exchange continues, we are confident that our students will reciprocate the warm welcome they received in Montpellier.

Reflecting on this fantastic opportunity, Mrs Amelia shared, "It has been a fantastic opportunity for the children, they have represented Bridge School brilliantly. The children have loved the trip and integrated well into school and their families - these memories will last for a lifetime!"

At Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School, we firmly believe in the power of immersive experiences to broaden young minds and foster global understanding. This French exchange trip to Montpellier has undoubtedly achieved both, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of our students.

As we bid au revoir to Montpellier, our students return home with a newfound appreciation for the world beyond their borders, armed with memories that will fuel their passion for learning and adventure.