Information about the potential ski trip in January 2025.

Ski Trip 2025 Documents


Updated 1st May 2024

How many children are going?

We have 25 children from Bridge signed up for the trip - 13 boys and 12 girls. There are an additional 32 children from Canterbury Primary and and 9 children from Elvington Eythorne School.

Which staff members will be going?

There will be three members of Bridge staff going on the trip. We have yet to decide who these are.

Which SLT member will be leading?

Mr Taylor has first dibs!

How we will be travelling to Artesina, Italy?

We would either use the school minibuses, or a coach, to get to Gatwick Airport and then fly.

What clothing do I need to provide?

Just regular clothing. All ski outfits, etc. will be provided by the ski-school.

How will the children be roomed?

The children will stay in single-sex rooms of between 4 and 6 children. They will be sharing with children from the same school. 

Where will the adults be staying?

Adults will sleep in rooms on the same floor as the children. Their rooms will be clearly labelled if the children need an adult in the night.

Can my child take a phone?

We would ask that children do not take mobile devices as these may get lost or damaged. Being able to call/text home often increases feelings of homesickness as well. 

How do I keep in contact with the group?

The plan is to set up a group on the Telegram messaging app where parents can receive updates, photos and videos. Parents will be invited to join the group via a link which will be sent to them ahead of the trip. We used this for our French exchange trip to Montpellier and this worked quite well.

The reason for choosing Telegram as a platform is that this can be used without having to share personal information such as your mobile phone number.

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