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Below is how we use the School Games Values here at Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School in our School Sport and School Competitions.

DETERMINATION - Having the courage to follow our dreams to be the best sportsperson we can be.

HONESTY – We are honest with ourselves and with others. We compete in a fair and honest way.

RESPECT - We show respect at all times for each other, for ourselves, for opposition teams, for referees. We show sportsmanship, shake hands with our fellow opponents and support our team mates in a respectful manner.

PASSION - Giving 100% of effort and never giving up in adverse times.

TEAM WORK – Everyone is treated equally, we support and respect our fellow class mates and team mates in order to have fun and achieve.  We are positive role models.

SELF–BELIEF – Always believe you can achieve. Having the confidence and self-belief to succeed.

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