Year 5 Rosie Duffield Visit

Image of Year 5 Rosie Duffield Visit

On Friday, Year 5 were visited by local MP, Rosie Duffield! The main aim of her visit was to award the winners of her anti-littering poster competition their prizes. Imogen and May were runners up and Leo was the overall winner, each creating striking posters to encourage people to take better…

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Year 5 Marlowe Theatre Visit

Image of Year 5 Marlowe Theatre Visit

On Thursday and Friday last week, Year 5 visited the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to watch the stage version of Onjali Rauf's book, 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'. Maple Class visited first, using the public buses to travel into the City Centre. They had the experience of reading timetables…

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Year 5 'Boy at the Back of the Class' Workshop

Image of Year 5 'Boy at the Back of the Class' Workshop

On Monday, we were visited by Callum and Lizzie from the Marlowe Theatre who delivered a workshop based on the themes from 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' by Onjali Rauf. We thought about how it feels to be new somewhere and not fit in. The children experienced this isolation through a series…

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Year 5 Gulbenkian Trip

Image of Year 5 Gulbenkian Trip

Today, Year 5 were invited to the Gulbenkian Theatre to take part in a workshop of a new show based the traditional Lithuanian fairy tale, 'Queen of the Serpents'. The performance took place in two parts, part one saw Holly Class sit on the stage and be immersed in the action, whilst Maple Class…

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World Down Syndrome Day - Year 5

Image of World Down Syndrome Day - Year 5

Last week in Year 5, we learnt about Down Syndrome as part of Neurodiversity Week. The children learnt about what Down Syndrome is, how it is caused and how it affects people. As part of this, the children planted sunflowers and wore odd socks to celebrate difference and uniqueness. We are going…

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Silence is Golden

Image of Silence is Golden

On the 9th November, Roisin and Hazel (Year 6) did a sponsored silence. It was very hard to do but we managed to do it in the end. We started the challenge at 7.30 till 4.00, it was donate money for Children in Need. It was very challenging but it was worth it. In the end we managed to raise…

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The Pudsey Stall

Image of The Pudsey Stall

A point of pride in our school is the demonstrable charitable attitudes that our children have and I was pleased to hear about six of our children's activities at the weekend.

Phoebe, Lillian, Ivy and Nanaha (Year 4), Imogen (Year 3) and Matilda (Year R) held a 'Pudsey' stall in Bridge to raise…

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Tutu Trouble

Image of Tutu Trouble

On Wednesday 12th February year 4 had the opportunity to go to the Gulbenkian Theatre to see a performance called Tutu Trouble. The story, told mainly through dance, was about a dog and a girl who find a magical tutu in a box in the woods. When the dog (called Scruff ) puts the tutu on he just…

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