On Thursday and Friday last week, Year 5 visited the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to watch the stage version of Onjali Rauf's book, 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'. Maple Class visited first, using the public buses to travel into the City Centre. They had the experience of reading timetables and engaging with members of the public, which they did brilliantly. Holly Class had the luxury of the school minibuses on Friday but still enjoyed a riverside walk from the coach park! The children were thoroughly engaged with the performance and enjoyed seeing how the story was portrayed live. The themes previously explored in our Workshop on Monday really shone through and this gave the children a foundation for their understanding of the content. There will be a follow-up to the visit next term as we mark Refugee Week 2024. We really hope the children enjoyed this experience and commend them for their brilliant behaviour! They really made us proud to be from Bridge!