Today, Year 5 were invited to the Gulbenkian Theatre to take part in a workshop of a new show based the traditional Lithuanian fairy tale, 'Queen of the Serpents'. The performance took place in two parts, part one saw Holly Class sit on the stage and be immersed in the action, whilst Maple Class observed from the auditorium. In-between scenes, the children were asked for their emotions and feedback from the director. During the interval, the children were treated to a dance piece by the group 'Moving Memory' and then they had the opportunity to learn their own 'stomp' dances. It was then back into the auditorium for Maple Class' turn on the stage, and Holly's turn to watch. It was a fantastic experience based around inclusion and resilience and the children will now follow up back in school. We would love to see the show in its full form for the children to understand the creative process from conception to production, and their part in it.