Year 3 Magnificent Mountains

Image of Year 3 Magnificent Mountains

To finalise our learning on Mountains and Rivers this term, today we designed and made our own models. To begin with, we chose the materials we wanted to use before getting to work on our masterpieces. Once the models were complete we added the labels, detailing the features of both rivers and…

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Bridge at the Beaney

Image of Bridge at the Beaney

Last week, Year 4s had an excellent trip to Canterbury. First, we went to the Beaney Museum and Gallery. Murray and Charlotte were the fantastic guides who showed us around the portrait exhibition and the Mirror Mirror exhibition. They explained the use of imagery in painting as well as the use of…

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Visit from Architect - Mr Town

Image of Visit from Architect - Mr Town

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Mr Town (parent) from OSG Architecture. We were fascinated to see so many different styles of buildings and to hear about some of the things that Architects do and have to think about. Some Year 4s were delighted to find out that by playing Mine Craft you can…

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An introduction to architecture

Image of An introduction to architecture

In Term1 Year 4 had a chance to consider not only the local architecture of Bridge during a geography field trip but also some of the buildings around the world designed by some famous architects. For example Zaha Hadid, Augustus Pugin and Sir Norman Foster. We then did our own observational…

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Year 3 Bridge Walk

Image of Year 3 Bridge Walk

Last week, the children of Year 3 went on a study walk of Bridge, led by Mrs Vye and Mrs Whatley of the Bridge Historical Society. Prior to the walk, the children were taken on a virtual tour of the village in 1834 when the Bridge Arms was the White Horse and The Close was The Bridge Union…

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More pictures from Mountain Mayhem!

Image of More pictures from Mountain Mayhem!

Here are some pictures of the models that 3SA made last Friday in their DT/Geography session on mountains and rivers.

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Year 3 Mountain Mayhem!

Image of Year 3 Mountain Mayhem!

This term in Geography we have been learning about the features of rivers and mountains. Today we combined this knowledge and were set the challenge to design and construct a mountain with a flowing river down it. We labelled our models with the features we have been learning about and had a lot…

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“Where the Wild things are” natural artwork Year 1

Image of “Where the Wild things are” natural artwork Year 1

In English at the moment we are looking at the book “Where the wild things are”. Today the children worked in small groups to create their very own wild things creatures based on the characters in the book. We used natural materials that we had collected on our Geography field trip on Wednesday.…

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Year 1 field trip around village

Image of Year 1 field trip around village

On Wednesday Year 1 went on a Geography field trip around the woods in the village. As we walked, we looked for signs of rural life. We saw many signs including crops, woodlands, sheep, fields, styles and even an orchard. We also discussed how urban places would look very different and what we…

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Posting our Letters

Image of Posting our Letters

Year One were very excited to write letters to their families. In their letters they have explained that they will be taking their pets home for the holiday. They have introduced their pets and offered reassurance about whose job it will be to look after them! The children are now very…

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Nailbourne study

Image of Nailbourne study

On Wednesday afternoon Year 4 enjoyed the rare sunshine whilst on their walk around Bridge as part of our local studies, Geography lesson. We saw many interesting things that we had not noticed before. As well as reading a map and adding map symbols. We were also able to cross the river Nailbourne…

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Geography in Year 2

Image of Geography in Year 2

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about the continents and the oceans. We then found out about some of the different climates around the world. The children enjoyed making a class poster about rainforests. Next week we will use what the children have learnt to find out about how animals…

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