5JS Reading Prize

Image of 5JS Reading Prize

This morning, 5JS set off to the Beany for their reading prize. We were greeted by some ladies who introduced us to the library. The children listened carefully to how the library worked and the different sections that were available to them, including fiction and non-fiction books. The children…

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3LC3JA Flight to Egypt

Image of 3LC3JA Flight to Egypt

Yesterday, the children of Year 3 boarded the 3LC3JA flight to Egypt. After collecting their tickets and passing through security, each passenger took their seats and fastened their seatbelts. Following the safety briefing from cabin crew, the plane took to the skies for the land of pyramids and…

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Year 3 Medicine Making

Image of Year 3 Medicine Making

To celebrate our English work on George's Marvellous Medicine, a book which sees a mischievous young boy, George, meddle with his grandmother's medicine in a bid to liven her up a little, Year 3 have been brewing up an equally exciting medicine. Each child brought in one ingredient and one by one,…

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5HA and 2GD Reading Prize

Image of 5HA and 2GD Reading Prize

Each term, the whole school takes part in a reading competition to see which class reads the most time during the term. The winners for last term were lucky enough to have : ex members of staff and parents ( all who have a love for reading and writing) come in and share a morning with the…

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