Each term, the whole school takes part in a reading competition to see which class reads the most time during the term. The winners for last term were lucky enough to have : ex members of staff and parents ( all who have a love for reading and writing) come in and share a morning with the children. 
5HA welcomed Denny and Aleka into the classroom where they delivered a lesson about different types of heroes and Ancient Greek humour. They very kindly had read the book that we are studying in class and linked the fun learning to this. The children then had  a ‘free reign’ on how they wanted to respond to the day, some created comic strips, some joke pages and others responded through art. We really did have a wonderful experience which was all down to the generosity of our parents. Thank you very much! 

2GD were fortunate to have Mrs Clubb and Mrs Brocklebank return to the school to teach the children about how to create a character for a story. The children spent the morning thinking about themselves and their own personalities. They then had to transform these traits into an animal which could reflect them. They drew the animals, created a collage background and then wrote a few sentences describing their animal and once again had a wonderful time with  with what the children called ‘ the professionals’.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the people that made the experience possible.