Year 4 Quicksticks Tournament

On the morning of Tuesday 10th March, 2 teams from Year 4 competed in the quicksticks competition at the Polo Farm, Canterbury. Both teams played brilliantly and demonstrated all the School Games values. Team 1 achieved first place and will go on to represent the county. Well done,…

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“On Tuesday 14th January, 13 children from Year 6 entered a Dodgeball competition at Canterbury Academy. We all played at least 4 matches against schools around Canterbury. Bridge 2 came 16th and Bridge 1 came 11th.” Cleo and Lucy (Y6)


” In the Dodgeball competition, we entered 2 teams.…

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Football Match - Girls

“On Thursday 16th January, we played a match against St Peter’s  and Chartham. The match against Chartham was 9-0 (we won) and the match against St Peter’s was 7-0 (we won). Everyone played exceptionally well and made big contributions.” Hannah (Y6)

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Thermal Conductor Experiment

Today Year 5  have been scientists investigating properties of materials. We wanted to find out which material was the best thermal conductor. The children were given a list of equipment they had access to and then they were tasked with planning an experiment that would provide an answer to our…

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Year 5 Poetry

What Am I?

This term, Year 5 have been learning to write poetry, in particular riddles. The children learnt what the features of riddles are and then planned and created their own. Some children chose concrete nouns, whereas others chose abstract nouns. The children took great pleasure in…

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Bubble-net Feeding

This week Year 5 have been writing explanation texts about bubble-net feeding. All the children have worked extremely hard: identifying the features of an explanation text; designing the layout; draft-writing their own information and then producing some amazing explanation texts which are…

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Crisp Packet Prize!

The Eco team would like to thank everyone who has been bringing empty crisp packets into school. Over the last term we have managed to send off 13kg of empty wrappers! As a school we entered a competition which was sponsored by Tesco, we were really excited to find we came 2nd and received a…

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Year 5 French

Year 5 have been busy learning to read, speak and write in French. Holly and Jordan wrote a super paragraph all about themselves and their family and had a go at reading it out loud. Year 5 are very lucky to have Mrs Brooks who teaches French weekly to both classes, so far the children have learnt…

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Our Eco Journey Begins...

Year 5 and Year 2 have joined together to support the school in becoming more environmentally friendly. Every Wednesday afternoon, we meet up and carry out some eco jobs. Some of us are designing and making a compost bin for us to put all our garden waste in and  a group of us ensure our gardens…

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