An interview with Miss Rattigan to hear her latest cheerleading news


Q1: Where was your most recent competition and what was it?


A1: Birmingham national competition.


Q2 : What do you want to achieve by the end of your career?


A2: To have a strong team who works together and who can win,and work together.


Q3: What has been your biggest achievement in cheerleading?


A3: Winning a national competition,grand champs, 1/170 teams.


Q4: Why do you like cheerleading?


A4: You feel really proud of doing the stunts and all the hard work goes to use.


Q5: How long did you start your career?


A5: A year and a half ago when I started my career. 


Q6: Do you get stressed before competition? Why? 


A6: Yes because all that training counts down to 2 minutes.


Q7: Do you get stressed before competitions? Why?


A6: It is very nerve-racking, you get  trained for a year for 2 minutes.


Q7: How long ago did you start a career in cheerleading.


A7: A year and a half ago.


Q8: Why do you like cheerleading?


A8: Because you feel proud when you complete stunts, you feel good working as a team.


Thank you for chatting to us, we wish you all the luck at your next competition.


Hanna, Olivia, Alfred, Ben and Oliver