On Thursday the 22nd of June, Year Five were treated to a wonderful Greek day. We had lots of fun learning all about Greek history. In the morning  Malena,  Spyros and Aleka came in to help us write our names in Greek, on tiles or plates. Thankfully,  Malena had written all our names out already in her spare time, so we did not have trouble on the day.
 After that, Aleka went through a power point all about the history of the famous city Athens. Soon after,  it was break and during that, the teachers put delicious Greek food (from Aleka) out on a table for us to try like: Greek yogurt and either honey or jam, hardened salted bread, lemonade and squash, sweets, figs, olives and spinach pie. YUM YUM! It was delicious.
 Every four years, Athena had a big birthday party where the people who attended made lots of noise and carried a silk dress to the Goddess of war and wisdom. This big party  is called the great Panathinaia. To reenact the celebration we made badges and attached them to a piece of silk and went around the school making lots of noise by: blowing party blowers, banging drums and playing instruments.  Everyone came out of their classrooms and clapped us on, all the way round. When we got back to our classes,  we detached our badges from the fabric and finished them off. Then it was lunch.
 After lunch, we went out of the classroom to hold a  debate on whether or not the Elgin marbles should be taken back to Athens.  We had to choose a side and give reasons for our decision Many people were unsure of which side to take, but in the end Athens had more supporters than London. 
 Our day was bought to an end by doing some Greek dancing. Some people thought it was fun,  and some thought it was very embarrassing. Time went really fast and before we knew it, we had to get ready to go home. 
 We would like to say a big thank you to Aleka,  Malena and Spyros for helping us throughout the really fun day. 
 We will never forget what an amazing day we had learning about Ancient Greeks with Aleka. 
 Millie and Ira