Year R - texture

Image of Year R - texture

Today Year R were exploring texture and printing. Pupils first learnt about texture; they felt and described various textured materials and objects before printing from them. They applied the paint with sponges, laid the textured materials on their paper (ink down) and then applied pressure with a…

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Stop-Motion by Ellie (3SA)

Image of Stop-Motion by Ellie (3SA)

Ellie has created her very own stop-motion video and this can be viewed below. We're all very impressed with her technical skills.

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Online Safety

Image of Online Safety

As part of online safety week Year One have shared the story ‘Once upon a time... online’ and discussed the issue of asking permission to use the internet. The children created colourful posters to spread the important message that you must always ask a grown up if you want to go…

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