Folkestone Triennial Trip

The Folkestone Art Triennial is a project run by Creative Folkestone and is the largest exhibition of newly commissioned work presented in the UK. Artists are invited to use the town as their gallery, utilising public spaces to create art that reflects issues affecting both the town and the wider…

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Year 1 mark-making

Year one pupils have been exploring mark-making techniques this term. They have used a variety of objects - forks, spatulas, feathers, nail brushes and sponges are among the tools used. The children mixed secondary colours with their paint, dipped their tools in and experimented with different way…

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Year one's imaginary adventure!

Throughout term six, Year one’s class reading book has been ‘Jack and Nancy’, written and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Jack and Nancy go on an exciting adventure. Travel, adventure, and exploration is a running theme through Quentin Blake’s work.

Inspired by his illustrations, pupils created…

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Year 5 Greek Warrior relief prints

While half the pupils in Year 5 were at the Open Golf Championship or taking part in a cricket match, the other lucky half had a day of art with me!

Pupils made Greek Warrior themed reduction relief prints. They carved their Ancient Greek design into a sheet of polystyrene and printed with…

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Art and Music collaboration with CoMA Manchester

If you have been following our blogs, you know all about our Art and Music project with Year 3. If not, here is a recap:

In term 5, Year 3 pupils worked with Mr Miles and Mrs Smith to compose and interpret their own graphic scores. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of…

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Yr R Animal creations

This week, pupils in Year R created some crazy new animals. This art task was inspired by Axel Scheffler’s book, Flip Flap Jungle. Within the book, heads of animals are attached to the bodies of others and new names are created. For example, a leopard’s head attached to the body of an armadillo…

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Trees - Year 1

Year 1 have continued to explore plants and nature this term. Within their art lessons pupils have been painting trees. They started by drawing a simple trunk and branches while carefully observing a photograph of a tree. Pupils were asked to try and keep their pencil on the A3 paper (as best they…

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Year R - texture

Today Year R were exploring texture and printing. Pupils first learnt about texture; they felt and described various textured materials and objects before printing from them. They applied the paint with sponges, laid the textured materials on their paper (ink down) and then applied pressure with a…

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Year 6 relief printing

This term in art, Year 6 pupils have been exploring relief printing. Using inspiration from female artist Georgia O’Keefe, pupils began the project practising their observational skills and drawing real skulls in class. Pupils learnt how to transfer their drawing onto card with tracing paper; they…

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Year 5 recycled portraits

Within their art lessons this term, Year 5 have been studying portraiture. At the beginning of the project, pupils drew simple pencil self-portraits from a mirror. These were used as a starting point when designing and making a recycled cardboard self-portrait. Pupils learnt how to use tracing…

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Year 1 make clay leaves

Within their project about plants, pupils in Year 1 have been creating leaf relief prints in clay. Pupils have learnt how to handle and roll clay. Using tools, they pressed a leaf into the clay creating an imprint. They cut their clay leaves out, smoothed the edges and added a hole for hanging.…

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Year 3 Art and Music project

This week, within his music lesson, Mr Miles worked with 3SA to interpret their artwork (graphic scores) into music. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of music using visual symbols. Pupils worked in groups and used percussion instruments to interpret a section of each of…

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