I'm watching you!

Year 3 have been bringing inanimate objects to life with a pair of googly eyes within a fun, one-off lesson at the end of a busy term one. Pupils have been learning basic photography throughout this term. They have learnt about: orientation; composition and frame; focal point; focus; different…

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Year 1 drawing

Year 1 have learnt a new word this week – observation! Pupils have been looking very closely at toy animals and have produced some wonderful observational drawings using colour pencils. This task required a great deal concentration by the pupils.

Please see the drawings in the gallery…

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Observational drawing

Year 6 have produced wonderful A2 observational drawings of cultural objects using charcoal and white chalk. Pupils have been taking time to observe the real-life objects closely and adjusting to working on a large scale. Working in monochrome, the emphasis has been on creating a variety of tones,…

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Reception make pop-up pictures

Reception classes have been practising their fine-motor skills again over the last two weeks. Pupils have been constructing pop-up pictures of animals. They have been learning about tabs, designing, colouring, cutting out and sticking. This was a challenging task and Year R have worked very hard.…

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Year 6 are monsters!

A group of Year 6 pupils have been using their imagination this week and have created some monsters! Using the work of artists Shaun Tan and John Kenn Mortensen as inspiration, the group have used dip pen and Indian ink and colour pencils to bring their monsters to life. Pretty scary! Well done,…

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Hanging out with Russell

In Reception this week, pupils have continued to improve their fine-motor skills by making paper snakes outside in the autumn sunshine.

Pupils folded paper to make the body, then cut out shapes for the head and tongue. Many of the snakes are now happily hanging out with Russell in the…

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Pen and ink African masks

This term, Year 6 are drawing cultural objects from around the world. They have been working on small scale drawings of traditional African masks. They first learnt about the masks and how they are used within African culture. Then, drawing from photographs and filling their A5 page,…

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The Iron Man

On Wednesday, pupils in Year 4 had a day of art. As a year group, they have been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Using the illustrations by Chris Mould as inspiration, pupils created their own mixed-media pictures. They used watercolour paint, wax crayon, fine-line pen, dip pen and Indian…

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Destiny wins four rosettes!


Congratulations to Destiny in 6NA for successfully gaining four rosettes at Colette's Horse and Dog Show on Sunday 20th September. She was awarded the rosettes for displaying a range of horse-riding skills. Well done, Desti - we are very proud of you!

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Let the wild rumpus start!

Year one’s topic this term is Curious Creatures. Within their classes they are reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sedak. They are enjoying the wonderful story and illustrations and using them to inspire their own work.

This week pupils made their own rumpus in the playground! With…

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Reception learn to weave

Reception classes, enjoying the sun on the autumn equinox, learnt how to weave this week.  Weaving is a great activity that helps to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and concentration. Many of the children created patterns within their weaving, consolidating their learning about…

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Coralie has more work published!

Coralie (6NA) has had some of her writing and more of her illustrations published on the Foundling Museum website!  

The Foundling Hospital was established in 1739 to care for babies at risk of abandonment. The museum hosts a weekly competition in conjunction with Jacqueline Wilson to…

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