Year 1 observational drawing - insects

The Year 1 topic this term is ‘mini beasts’ and within their science lessons they are learning about the anatomy of insects. Within their art, pupils have been studying and drawing my collection of insects set in resin - these are fascinating objects.

In Year R and Year 1, class teachers…

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Year 4 International Mask Exhibition

At the beginning of Term 2, Year 4 children were challenged to make a mask as part of an exhibition for the ’V & A Local’ at Bridge School. The children studied the ancient Maya people and culture as part of their history topic. They learnt that the Maya had different types of masks for different…

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Newton's colour wheel - art and science

This week, Year 5 have been learning about the artist’s colour wheel.

The modern colour-wheel is based on Sir Isaac Newton’s experimentation with light. While Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, he experimented by shining white light (daylight) through a glass prism, splitting it…

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DT - Chairs

Year 6 have finished making their chairs! They look amazing and hopefully their target customers will find them appeal too.

Throughout the term, pupils have been exploring materials, techniques and structures; they have made initial designs inspired by influential designers; made prototypes…

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DT - Year 3 Egyptian necklaces

Year 3 have completed their stylish Egyptian themed necklaces. They have explored textiles techniques; made very impressive pieces of weaving; designed their necklaces using inspiration from their topic of Ancient Egypt; skilfully made and assembled their necklaces and then evaluated their…

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DT - Year 1 Christmas cards

In DT this term, Year 1 have been working towards making moving Christmas cards for their families. They have explored tools, materials and techniques; carefully designed the front of their cards and have practised making mechanisms. Pupils made their cards this week using paper collage and will…

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Prototype chairs - Year 6

Our focus on Design Technology continues this term and the Year 6 chair project progresses well. This week, the pupils have been making prototypes of their chairs from paper straws, paper and masking tape. These models give the children an opportunity to test their designs, structures, and…

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DT - Year 3 weaving

The Year three topic this term is Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils are designing and making necklaces (inspired by Ancient Egyptian art) for a summer ‘collection’ – Egyptian style is back in fashion after 5000 years!

This is a DT textiles unit, so the main feature on the…

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DT - Year 1

This term we are focusing on Design Technology. Year one regularly practises motor skills within lessons with Mrs Cork and Mrs Andrews; in preparation for this project they have been practising using scissors and a hole punch.

Within their DT lessons they are getting into the Christmas spirit…

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Fireworks - Year R

To celebrate Guy Fawkes night, Year R created drawings of fireworks with chalk pastels. This is a very creative art medium. Pupils smudged the bright coloured pastels with their fingers, moved them around the page and made a bit of a mess! They had photographs of fireworks around them and a video…

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Ironman - Year 4

Term 1 Year 4 The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is a fantastic book to inspire English lessons. We love teaching it as much as the children love learning from it. The Iron Man allows for such creativity and opportunities for learning. As well as reading the whole book…

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Chair Design - Strong shapes and WW2

Our focus this term is Design Technology. Our DT projects consist of four steps – explore, design, make and evaluate.

Year 6 are designing chairs (Action man sized) for John Lewis this term. To begin, the pupils explored strong shapes within structures. We looked at the work of architects and…

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