Year 5 Term 5 Forest School 2024

Image of Year 5 Term 5 Forest School 2024

Year 5 have been very busy and engaged in Forest School this term. 

In the first session they learned a new knot - the Marlin spike hitch: grab both parts hanging rope with the palms of your hands (palms facing outwards), twist the rope into two loops on the outside, put your hands through the…

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Year 5 Gulbenkian Trip

Image of Year 5 Gulbenkian Trip

Today, Year 5 were invited to the Gulbenkian Theatre to take part in a workshop of a new show based the traditional Lithuanian fairy tale, 'Queen of the Serpents'. The performance took place in two parts, part one saw Holly Class sit on the stage and be immersed in the action, whilst Maple Class…

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Year 5 River Stour Visit

Image of Year 5 River Stour Visit

On Monday, Year 5 had a visit from Lauren at Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership. The day began with a presentation all about the River Stour: its source and mouth, the tributaries that flow into it, and important top tips for keeping our rivers clean and pollution free. Following this, each…

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Year 5 River Dour Trip

Image of Year 5 River Dour Trip

Last week, Year 5 visited the River Dour at Kearsney Abbey with the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership. Martha and Matilda taught us lots of facts about the river, how it is chalk based and what animals can be found in it. The children were tasked with building a raft that would float along the…

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Year 5 Pig Visit 2

Image of Year 5 Pig Visit 2

Yesterday, both classes visited The Pig for our second visit as part of the Adopt a School programme. We began by looking at spring herbs and comparing these to the autumnal vegetables we saw on our last visit. The children were able to smell and taste them which resulted in some expressive…

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World Down Syndrome Day - Year 5

Image of World Down Syndrome Day - Year 5

Last week in Year 5, we learnt about Down Syndrome as part of Neurodiversity Week. The children learnt about what Down Syndrome is, how it is caused and how it affects people. As part of this, the children planted sunflowers and wore odd socks to celebrate difference and uniqueness. We are going…

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Grendal - Year 5!

Image of Grendal - Year 5!

This term, Year 5 have been studying the story of Beowulf within their English lessons. Drawing upon their descriptions of the monster in their writing, pupils designed and constructed Grendel’s severed head from clay.

Beware, these sculptures are grotesque and incredibly scary!

We began the…

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Beaney exhibition - Year 5

Image of Beaney exhibition - Year 5

I am really excited to share photographs of the Living with Art exhibition, currently displayed at the Beaney Museum in Canterbury. Year 5 pupils from Bridge and Patrixbourne worked with Murray from the Beaney, Mr Ablett and Mrs Allison to interpret artwork from the exhibition and to write labels;…

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Year 5 Forest School Woodland trip 2024

Image of Year 5 Forest School Woodland trip 2024

Welcome back to Covert Woods Year 5! No storm in sight this time so we were free to enjoy the natural setting. 

Our first challenge was to listen to sounds around us, which can be surprisingly challenging in our busy lives. A variety of birds were around and we spotted some nests. 

We played…

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Year 5 TWISTED tales

Image of Year 5 TWISTED tales

Last term, Year 5 enjoyed looking at Twisted Fairy tales. The children looked at a traditional tale and then wrote their own tale adding their own twist to it. The focus of learning was on building suspense and fear through the use of figurative language and leaving the story with a moral for the…

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Year 5 Forest School Term 3 2024

Image of Year 5 Forest School Term 3 2024

This term we talked about what makes us happy, how outside makes us feel and what we are grateful for. 

The children learned about square lashings, tying sticks together to create frames, triangles, mobiles....

Week 2 was all about cooking - fire rules, finding sticks, making a fire, making…

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Living with Art - The Beaney

Image of Living with Art - The Beaney

Year 5 gave a warm welcome to Murray from the Canterbury Beaney this week; he came to introduce their upcoming art exhibition, Living with Art: An extraordinary collection from an ordinary home.


Along with other local schools, we have been invited to contribute to the exhibition –…

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