Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Image of Rubber Chicken Darts - Year 5

Year 5 have been given the challenge of designing and making toy Moon Buggies for children aged 9-10. The product specification is as follows:


  • It must move using an elastic band ‘pull back’ mechanism
  • Have 4 wheel and 2 axels
  • The dimensions must not exceed an A4 piece of paper
  • Be…
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Cultural objects - Year 6

Image of Cultural objects - Year 6

Throughout term 1, Year 6 practised their observational skills by drawing objects and photographs of cultural objects from around the world. As well as studying them carefully, pupils also considered the cultural significance of such artefacts and discussed how they were acquired by museums for…

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Lost Thing Sculptures

Image of Lost Thing Sculptures

Just before the half-term holidays, Year 5 finished making their ‘Lost Thing’ abstract sculptures. The pupil’s work was inspired by Shaun Tan’s picture book ‘The Lost Thing’; their own observational drawings of natural forms and ‘not so' natural form objects and sculptures by the artists Grayson…

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Year 5 Levers

Image of Year 5 Levers

As part of our learning about Forces in Science this term, the children needed to explore forces in action. They were tasked with making a mini mangonel (a catapult) which would fire a ping pong ball from a plastic spoon. After the first round of firing attempts, the children then needed to modify…

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Year 5 Church Visit

Image of Year 5 Church Visit

This term, Year 5 have been looking at how God impacts the lives of Christians in RE and working towards answering the Big Question, 'What does it mean if God is holy and loving?' As part of this learning, we took the children down to St Peters Church to explore how God is presented in Christian…

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Year 5 Parachutes

Image of Year 5 Parachutes

This term, Year 5 have been exploring different Forces, in particular gravity and air resistance. To test their learning, the children were tasked with designing a parachute with optimum air resistance, as to slow the speed of descent. They had the option to change one of three variables: canopy…

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Bushcraft - Day 3

Image of Bushcraft - Day 3

Please find below a selection of photos from Day 3 of our Bushcraft adventure. We hope your children enjoyed the trip and learnt lots of new skills!

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Bushcraft - Day 2

Image of  Bushcraft - Day 2

So after a busy day in the forest the children have settled down to smores by the fire.

We began the day playing team building games and then went onto an SOS call out. The children had to practice their newly taught first aid skills when they came across a ‘plane crash’ in the wood. They…

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Bushcraft - Day 1

Image of Bushcraft - Day 1

After an excited and early start, Year 5 set off for their Bushcraft adventure at Penshurst Place this morning. We were greeted by our camp leaders and led to our camp. After learning some of the basics we got straight on with our first activity, building fires in our tribes. This was important as…

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Year 5 - Sir Isaac Newton’s colour wheel

Image of Year 5 - Sir Isaac Newton’s colour wheel

First Art blog of the year! What have year 5 been up to in their Art lessons?


Pupils in Year 5 have been learning about the artist’s colour wheel.


The modern colour-wheel is based on Sir Isaac Newton’s experimentation with light. While Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge…

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Forest School Year 4 Term 6 2023

Image of Forest School Year 4 Term 6 2023

This summer term Year 4 created habitats for animals that live in our area . Some sowed wildflowers (which are now flowering) for bees and insects, some made a trap door out of wood using hammer and nails for insects to live underneath, some made bird nests and others created wood piles and…

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Year 4 Language day and Matisse

Image of Year 4 Language day  and Matisse

We had great fun on Friday learning about France.

Thank you to Johanna for coming in to talk to us and for teaching us a French card game. We also enjoyed the ‘taste of France’. We learnt about the vocabulary for clothes in French and then we made collages inspired by our trip to Samphire Hoe…

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