Welcome back to Covert Woods Year 5! No storm in sight this time so we were free to enjoy the natural setting. 

Our first challenge was to listen to sounds around us, which can be surprisingly challenging in our busy lives. A variety of birds were around and we spotted some nests. 

We played 'Zip Zap Boing' as a warm up game and to concentrate on the moment in time. Next up was the tall stick tower challenge - working either as a team or by themselves. Lots of different ideas and structures were built - and the children remembered our stick rules very well. Forest School is more about the process than the product and I explained that I won't come round to judge the towers but we reflected on the process and what the children had learned. 

I read a story about how the ribbon snake got its name and Year 5 went off to build lots of snakes from natural materials. 

One group discovered a drain pipe from one side of the path to the other - they cleared it of mud and tried to find a long branch that was straight and long enough to fit through the pipe. The problem solving skills were great to observe as was the communication and team work. 

They asked when we can return to the woods - it is wonderful to see how engaged they are with the natural world.