Forest School for Year One

During Forest School this week the Year One children started to learn about our new Forest School area, the opportunities available to them and the rules that they will need to follow to keep safe while they explore.

After a game of 'Hide like a hedgehog' they had the opportunity to choose from…

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Forest School Launch

This week Year One were fortunate enough to be the first year group to experience our new Forest School.

Mrs Chiaramello-Hopker has transformed a hidden away part of the school grounds into a Bridge School own Forest School. Through Forest School we aim to develop many skills including…

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Science Week

During Science week Year 1 investigated their bodies by measuring and comparing different body parts. We explored the questions ‘Does the tallest person have the biggest feet?’ ‘Does the person with the biggest feet have the biggest hands?’ and ‘Can the person with the longest legs jump the…

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Online Safety

As part of online safety week Year One have shared the story ‘Once upon a time... online’ and discussed the issue of asking permission to use the internet. The children created colourful posters to spread the important message that you must always ask a grown up if you want to go…

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Posting our Letters

Year One were very excited to write letters to their families. In their letters they have explained that they will be taking their pets home for the holiday. They have introduced their pets and offered reassurance about whose job it will be to look after them! The children are now very…

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Our Class Pets

The children were delighted to choose their own class pets this week. Each child has been given a cuddly toy to look after (which they will eventually bring home). The aim of this project is to inspire the children to be more focused, more creative and more motivated to write in child-initiated…

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Animal Antics

This morning Year One welcomed Lauren, from Zoolab, with some of her friends. We met a giant African land snail, a corn snake, a rat, a white tree frog and a scorpion. We loved holding the snail and cockroach, and stroking the snake and the rat. Lauren was impressed that we were able to tell her…

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Year One have read ‘The tiger who came to tea’ and used this as a stimulus for English, Science and Art lessons this week. In art we are exploring different media starting with oil pastel and chalk pastels. After we tried out the materials and explored the effects that we could create we used them…

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Super Mathematicians!

Over the last few weeks we have been developing our understanding of place value.

The children have been using the phrase “Build it, draw it, write it,” to structure their learning.

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Last week we planned and wrote our super hero stories. The children were very proud of themselves, as were we, and many of them have chosen to display their writing on our proud wall.

Today we have made our own potato superheroes inspired by ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. We talked about the…

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Super Heroes!

This week the children in Year 1 have been using their imagination to design their own superheroes! We were so impressed with all of their fantastic pictures. Today the children have written descriptive phrases  about the appearance of their superheroes. Tomorrow we will be including our phrases…

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Year One PE

In PE this week we explored using hoops.

We practised hula hooping, skipping with our hoop and rolling it.

It was hard work. We were all excited to learn something new!

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