Skull prints - Year 6

Image of Skull prints - Year 6

Throughout last term, Year 6 explored relief printing. Using inspiration from female artist Georgia O’Keefe, pupils began the project by drawing real skulls from observation using 4B/6B pencil. The children learnt how to transfer their drawings onto card with tracing paper; they were then able to…

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Forest School Year 6 Term 5 - 2024

Image of Forest School Year 6 Term 5 - 2024

Year 6 have been practising their team working skills - making human knots and pyramids - well done. We have been looking at plant flow charts and the children started to look at features of leaves, if they are compound or simple and which shape they have. They identified different trees in the…

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Observational drawing of skulls - Year 6

Image of Observational drawing of skulls - Year 6

Year 6 will be creating relief prints inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe later this term. To begin the project, pupils have drawn skulls in the classroom. After the warm-up activity of drawing the skulls with a continuous line only, the pupils then took their time to observe them carefully and…

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Seren enters Young Artists - Royal Academy of Arts

Image of Seren enters Young Artists - Royal Academy of Arts


Wild Side by Seren


‘This piece of artwork is all about expressing your true self. My main inspirations were, my garden, previous mistakes on sketches, Henri Matisse’s awesome prints and, of course, my family. If you look closely, you can see hidden creatures such as a ladybird and a…

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Figures in motion - Year 6

Image of Figures in motion - Year 6

In term 3, Year 6 designed and made sculptures depicting the human figure in motion. To begin the project, pupils explored the proportions of the human figure and drew from wooden mannequins. They then attempted to sketch from movement on film (sporting imagery).


As a class, we studied the…

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Architecture Workshop - Year 6

Image of Architecture Workshop - Year 6

A massive thank you to Vicky Kirk, a director of Studio Partington (an award-winning London architect practice), who visited our school this week to run an Architecture workshop for ten Year 6 pupils. Vicky introduced the diverse role of an architect and talked about the variety of buildings,…

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DT- Year 6 chairs

Image of DT- Year 6 chairs

Year 6 chairs are here! Order now!


Throughout this project, Year 6 have: learnt about strong shapes and forces; explored materials, techniques, joins and structures; made initial designs inspired by influential designers; made prototypes and modified designs as appropriate; skilfully made…

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Creative Folkestone Art Workshop - Still life

Image of Creative Folkestone Art Workshop - Still life

A big thank you to Creative Folkestone for running another Art workshop for a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils at the end of term one. The children worked with two local artists Tania and Emily who delivered the art workshop: Drawing Installation.


The session began with a warm-up task of…

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Year 6 Forest School Term 1 2023

Image of Year 6 Forest School Term 1 2023

We were lucky to have a very sunny last term out in Forest School. 

The children learned a new knot- the Clove hitch -challenge them to practise this at home with any string you can find. We got out knives and peelers to make bows and arrows, which were great fun. 

Some children got very…

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Year 6 woodland trip

Image of Year 6 woodland trip

Year 6 got to enjoy the gorgeous October weather in the woodlands last week. 

The tree surgery work had finished in that area so we could access the site again. We started off with a team work game of singing and jumping in time over 2 sticks. It was more challenging than it looks but the…

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Year 6 Mandarin Trip

Image of Year 6 Mandarin Trip

Mandarin Trip


On 29th September, some children from each of the Year 6 classes went on a Mandarin trip at Simon Langton Boys School. As soon as we arrived, we were excited! First, we met the school’s Mandarin teacher, who took us in the big drama studio, where we met another school. The…

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Year 5 Ancient Greek Prints

Image of Year 5 Ancient Greek Prints

This week, Year 5 have been finishing their Ancient Greek inspired reduction prints using polystyrene relief printing blocks. Pupils first drew out their designs and then transferred them on to the printing blocks. Lines within the design were pressed down with a pencil meaning that other areas…

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