Weslandia a new civilisation

This week year 4 have been working hard on creating wonderful non chronological reports ( posters) about this terms key literacy text called Weslandia. We think that you’ll agree that they look pretty amazing. Well done year 4 your teachers are very proud of you all.

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This week year 4 have continued their literacy journey into the world of Weslandia, our key text for term 2. The children have been able to discuss and record their own opinions about the book. 

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A sticky end to the week!

Today the year 4 children set to work investigating and exploring how to join materials together as part of this terms exciting DT project. And yes they did help to clear up too!

Thank you to everyone who has donated card, tubes, cups and pots, they will make fantastic Mayan Masks and we cant…

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Geckos, African land snails and more ......

Year 4ST have had the most fantastic morning with Clive who is a local Scientist. We have been learning about animals and insects as part of our Science week. The children have closely observed a range of bird and animal skulls and creatures with exoskeletons such as cockroaches. It was great fun…

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Tutu Trouble

On Wednesday 12th February year 4 had the opportunity to go to the Gulbenkian Theatre to see a performance called Tutu Trouble. The story, told mainly through dance, was about a dog and a girl who find a magical tutu in a box in the woods. When the dog (called Scruff ) puts the tutu on he just…

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Nailbourne study

On Wednesday afternoon Year 4 enjoyed the rare sunshine whilst on their walk around Bridge as part of our local studies, Geography lesson. We saw many interesting things that we had not noticed before. As well as reading a map and adding map symbols. We were also able to cross the river Nailbourne…

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The Sound of Science

On Wednesday year 4 continued their science investigation of sound.

This week I asked the children to write a post in their own words. Thank you to Emma in 4ST.

"Yesterday in Science 4ST and 4JH had a great time learning about sound, vibrations and sound waves. Throughout the afternoon we…

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Year 4 Get Creative

This week the children in year 4 have been learning to set out their sketch books. Today they have had great fun with drawing each other in ‘flying’ poses. 

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Wash away the microbes

 On Friday year 4 had some visitors from Pfizers. We learnt about microbes and how to wash our hands properly. First we had some special liquid to rub on to our hands to represent microbes. Next we washed our hands and then using a special ultra violet light, we could see where the fake microbes…

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