Year 6 relief printing

Image of Year 6 relief printing

This term in art, Year 6 pupils have been exploring relief printing. Using inspiration from female artist Georgia O’Keefe, pupils began the project practising their observational skills and drawing real skulls in class. Pupils learnt how to transfer their drawing onto card with tracing paper; they…

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Year 6 visit from 'The Weird Fish Lady'!

Image of Year 6 visit from 'The Weird Fish Lady'!

Year 6 were very fortunate to receive a visit on Thursday from 'The Weird Fish Lady' - otherwise known as Gloria Barnett: ocean adventurer, author and educator. She was joined by her diving buddy, Chris, and together they wowed the pupils with their night dive films, tales from the Red Sea and…

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Year 6 observational drawing - skulls

Image of Year 6 observational drawing - skulls

Year 6 will be creating relief prints inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe later this term. To begin the project, pupils have been drawing skulls in the classroom.

Using a 6B pencil and carefully looking at the skulls, year 6 pupils used line and tonal shading.

Pupils will trace from their…

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Norse Monsters!!!!

Image of Norse Monsters!!!!

As part of the Year 6 Norse Mythology project, pupils have been painting the Kraken and other mythical monsters. It has been fun and slightly scary at times.

I have added a few monsters to the gallery below. Enjoy!

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The Norse Gods

Image of The Norse Gods

In English this term, Year 6 have been exploring Norse Mythology, in particular looking at the goddess Freya and Thor the god of thunder. Pupils have learnt how to punctuate dialogue accurately in order to help add quotes to newspaper reports as well as writing their own Viking myths. 


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Chair design.

Image of Chair design.

In DT, Year 6 have been designing chairs with the aim for them to be sold at John Lewis online.

Pupils were asked to design chairs appealing to one of the following customers:

  • Student 18 -21 years old. A multi-purpose chair (it is their only chair in their one-room accommodation)
  • A…
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Chair design

Image of Chair design

In Design Technology this term, Year 6 have been commissioned by a well know online department store to design a chair. Pupils have chosen their target customer and have considered the most important elements of a chair design.  Both classes decided strength and being able to hold a person’s…

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Observational drawing

Image of Observational drawing

Year 6 have produced wonderful A2 observational drawings of cultural objects using charcoal and white chalk. Pupils have been taking time to observe the real-life objects closely and adjusting to working on a large scale. Working in monochrome, the emphasis has been on creating a variety of tones,…

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Survive Camp Green Lake!

Image of Survive Camp Green Lake!

This term in English, Year 6 have been exploring the text ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. They have written informal letters from the perspective of the main character, Stanley Yelnats, and researched yellow spotted lizards to write non-chronological reports. To sum up their learning, the children have…

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Year 6 are monsters!

Image of Year 6 are monsters!

A group of Year 6 pupils have been using their imagination this week and have created some monsters! Using the work of artists Shaun Tan and John Kenn Mortensen as inspiration, the group have used dip pen and Indian ink and colour pencils to bring their monsters to life. Pretty scary! Well done,…

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Pen and ink African masks

Image of Pen and ink African masks

This term, Year 6 are drawing cultural objects from around the world. They have been working on small scale drawings of traditional African masks. They first learnt about the masks and how they are used within African culture. Then, drawing from photographs and filling their A5 page,…

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Destiny wins four rosettes!

Image of Destiny wins four rosettes!


Congratulations to Destiny in 6NA for successfully gaining four rosettes at Colette's Horse and Dog Show on Sunday 20th September. She was awarded the rosettes for displaying a range of horse-riding skills. Well done, Desti - we are very proud of you!

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