Cabinet of Curiosities

Image of Cabinet of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is open!


Sometimes known as ‘wonder rooms’, cabinets of curiosities contain small collections of extraordinary and interesting objects. Our ‘wonder room’ is curated by our librarian, Mrs Haynes.


The Cabinet of Curiosities has been created to engage pupils…

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The Boy with Flowers in His Hair

Image of The Boy with Flowers in His Hair

Today Mrs Haynes took a group of 2GD pupils onto the school playing field. They shared a book called The Boy with Flowers in His Hair. The pupils walked around the field identifying trees and sketching their leaves; they then created our own version of the book cover. 

Please check out the…

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Our School Library

Image of Our School Library

In the school library we stock a range of quality fiction and non-fiction texts. We aim for these books to show a diverse representation of society, as we recognise the importance of all children seeing themselves and their world reflected in the books they read. These include books for children…

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Book club -Wednesday lunch time club

Image of Book club -Wednesday lunch time club

It was lovely to meet our book club children this lunchtime. We talked about what we would like to do in the club and listened to the story “Yes” by Sarah Bee. Then we wrote our own inspirational phrases. Next we we are going to create a new book cover for an animal story. So if you have a…

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Visit to Waterstones - Save the Orangutans

Image of Visit to Waterstones - Save the Orangutans

In 2020 Year 3 wrote letters to different companies asking them to stop using palm oil to help to save Orangutans. The two classes received lots of replies and one of the children, Lily, received a reply from the Compass group stating that they were going to complete company review of the products…

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Year 6 visit from 'The Weird Fish Lady'!

Image of Year 6 visit from 'The Weird Fish Lady'!

Year 6 were very fortunate to receive a visit on Thursday from 'The Weird Fish Lady' - otherwise known as Gloria Barnett: ocean adventurer, author and educator. She was joined by her diving buddy, Chris, and together they wowed the pupils with their night dive films, tales from the Red Sea and…

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Pilgrims Hospice Book Sale

Image of Pilgrims Hospice Book Sale

On Thursday 15th February, one of our old friends Mrs Evans came in with two of her colleagues from Pilgrims Hospice and they held a book fair in 6NA. It was very exhilarating as they raised a lot of money (£225) and we were lucky to have even bought many books for our library which include;…

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Reading for Enjoyment

Image of Reading for Enjoyment

I just had to share these photographs with you! 

I walked through the library yesterday lunchtime  to find Year 6 snuggled down enjoying their library space and it wasn’t even raining outside. It was a pleasure to see them reading for the sheer enjoyment of it. Reading non - fiction, picture…

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Buster Book Club Award

Image of Buster Book Club Award


In reading news. Mrs Starling and myself were very fortunate to be presented with the Platinum Literacy award and a Buster Award at the KM Charity Team Literacy Awards a couple of weeks ago. The awards recognise the efforts of schools that have shown particular enthusiasm or innovation with…

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