Sam's Olympic Hockey Experience

It was fantastic to hear that just before Christmas Sam, in year 4, took part in the Indoor Hockey Championships at the end of December, playing for Canterbury U10 Boys. The event took place at the Copper Box Arena at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. They were pleased to come away…

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Day 2 Year 5 residential

Well, another amazing day on the farm! After a great nights sleep we began the day with a stroll to the meadow to observe the humane mammal catchers to see if we had been lucky and we had been ! The children looked at a field mouse, a short tailed vole and a shrew. We then had a tour of the farm…

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Tennis Superstars

During terms 5 and 6 children from all year groups took part in the Canterbury schools games tennis skills challenge. Of the 2 activities set for each year group we had children finish in the top 3 across all years. Well done and congratulations to those gold, silver and bronze medallists.

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Visit to Waterstones - Save the Orangutans

In 2020 Year 3 wrote letters to different companies asking them to stop using palm oil to help to save Orangutans. The two classes received lots of replies and one of the children, Lily, received a reply from the Compass group stating that they were going to complete company review of the products…

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Poppy's Hair - The Little Princess Trust

Poppy in Year 6 has been supporting The Little Princess Trust by cutting off over 30cm of her hair and raising money for the charity. 

Poppy wrote 'I am cutting off 30cm (it turned out to be 37cm) of my hair for 'The Little Princess Trust'. The Little Princess Trust makes real hair wigs for…

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Year 3 - A Bridge to the Past

Wow, what a great term!


Year 3 have had such fun over the last few weeks learning about Bridge. We have linked our learning -both inside and outside of the classroom- to History and Geography. Our aim was for the children to have a clearer knowledge and interest of the village. We wanted…

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Virtual Sports Week

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our school’s Virtual Sports Week both in school and at home. We have received lots of score sheets with some amazing scores! The favourite activity appeared to be the objects in water! It was nice to hear that some families had some competitive fun…

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Drum Beat Challenge from Mr Miles

Mr Miles has created a music challenge based upon his own secret desire to be a drummer (don't worry parents - your pots and pans are safe!). Watch the video below and we'd love to see what you come up with!

Perhaps inspired by Mr Miles' music challenge Melita has produced a…

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Kindness Family Challenge

Family Challenge: Kindness

This week the family challenge comes from Mrs Long and it has been inspired by one of the pupils at the school. Please watch the video below for more details about how you can spread kindness in your family or local community. If you would like to share what you have…

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Excellence Challenge

Excellence Challenge - Learning a New Skill

Whilst we're sure that you're all enjoying home-schooling, this is also an opportunity to learn new skills. We'd love to hear what you've learnt that isn't…

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Wildlife fact file by Lois

Lois from 3SA have been hunting around her garden and researching what different plants and animals she could find. Please look at the very informative guide Lois, and her brother Reuben, have created.

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Pilgrims Hospice Book Sale

On Thursday 15th February, one of our old friends Mrs Evans came in with two of her colleagues from Pilgrims Hospice and they held a book fair in 6NA. It was very exhilarating as they raised a lot of money (£225) and we were lucky to have even bought many books for our library which include;…

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