Bushcraft - Day 2

Image of  Bushcraft - Day 2

So after a busy day in the forest the children have settled down to smores by the fire.

We began the day playing team building games and then went onto an SOS call out. The children had to practice their newly taught first aid skills when they came across a ‘plane crash’ in the wood. They…

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Bushcraft - Day 1

Image of Bushcraft - Day 1

After an excited and early start, Year 5 set off for their Bushcraft adventure at Penshurst Place this morning. We were greeted by our camp leaders and led to our camp. After learning some of the basics we got straight on with our first activity, building fires in our tribes. This was important as…

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Embrace Your Body

Image of Embrace Your Body

Body image is a topic that quite often comes up as children get older and I came across this video which seeks to promote body positive imagery among our children. The messages that our children receive are a concern as they can feel under pressure to conform to an 'expected' body image by their…

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Conversations About Life Online - NSPCC

Image of Conversations About Life Online - NSPCC

Children are spending more and more time using the internet and helping them to understand the internet better is the best way to shield them from its worst excesses.

I’d like to draw your attention to an article the NSPCC published earlier this month: ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for…

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Year 6 @ PGL (Day 1)

Image of Year 6 @ PGL (Day 1)

After an uneventful journey, we all arrived safely at the PGL centre in Hailsham and the children were keen to meet ‘Steve-O’ their group leader and get on with their activities. 

This afternoon the children have had a mix of fencing, climbing and trapeze and everyone has been great at giving…

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Sam at the Regional Hockey Finals

Image of Sam at the Regional Hockey Finals

We're always keen to hear about and celebrate the children's sporting successes outside of school.

Sam played for Canterbury U10 boys earlier this month at the Regional Hockey Finals at Charterhouse School in Guildford. They were pleased to come away with a silver medal having competed against…

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Maths Workshop for Parents - Multiplication Tables

Image of Maths Workshop for Parents - Multiplication Tables

Mrs Cork has created a video for parents to watch about the importance of learning their multiplication tables.

Please do leave comments on whether you found this useful.


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Junior Agility Championship

Image of Junior Agility Championship

We're always keen to hear about our children's extra-curricular activities outside of school:

On the 15th and 16th January I went to the Open Junior Agility Championship with my two and half year old dog called Tilly. This was our first big event and I was very excited to be competing. I was…

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Princess Trust

Image of Princess Trust

Earlier this week, I was visited by Elara who wanted to share her contribution to charity from just before Christmas.

"I went to the hairdresser to get my hair cut. It was so so long that I donated it to a charity called The Princess Trust, they make wigs for sick children. My ponytail was 23…

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Silence is Golden

Image of Silence is Golden

On the 9th November, Roisin and Hazel (Year 6) did a sponsored silence. It was very hard to do but we managed to do it in the end. We started the challenge at 7.30 till 4.00, it was donate money for Children in Need. It was very challenging but it was worth it. In the end we managed to raise…

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The Pudsey Stall

Image of The Pudsey Stall

A point of pride in our school is the demonstrable charitable attitudes that our children have and I was pleased to hear about six of our children's activities at the weekend.

Phoebe, Lillian, Ivy and Nanaha (Year 4), Imogen (Year 3) and Matilda (Year R) held a 'Pudsey' stall in Bridge to raise…

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Mysterious Moments

Image of Mysterious Moments

Recently I received a visit from Amelie who told me about what she was doing to raise money for cancer treatment for her Aunty.

She showed me a story book called 'Mysterious Moments - The Adventure Begins' that she had produced and was now selling to raise funds. When I asked her what gave her…

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