Bat and Trap Club

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Over the past two terms, several children from years 3 to 6 have been learning to play Bat and Trap.

A bat and trap game is played between two teams with up to eight players on each team. One team bats first while the other team bowls and then teams switch roles after the first innings.…

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3LC Beach Trip

Image of 3LC Beach Trip

3LC visited Tankerton Beach today as a way to finish off our Stone Age History topic.

Before lunch, we did two activities:

The first activity was rebuilding Scara Brae or Stonehenge out of rocks that we found on the beach. We really liked this even though it was hard. Our second activity was…

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Year 3 Rocks Days

Image of Year 3 Rocks Days

We were very lucky in Year 3 to be visited by an expert in rocks from The Education People. Both classes had fun filled days with a large variety of activities.

We examined rocks using microscopes and identified the features of each.

We learnt about fossils and were able to cast our own…

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