An art and science collaboration! Hurray! This project brought together the Year 3 science topic of plants and traditional (and non-traditional) botanical art. As a year group, the children were inspired by a range of artists: various botanical artists including Victoria Braithwaite, photographers Rob Kesseler and Levon Biss; glass artist Dale Chihuly and sculptor Peter Randall-Page.

To begin the project, the children created large-scale drawings of seeds from photographs using charcoal and chalk. They then switched to small-scale the following week and drew flowers outside in forest school – traditional botanical drawing and painting using pencil and watercolour paint. The children dissected a flower and recorded their findings visually using fine line pen and colour pencil, learning the scientific words for the anatomy of a flower. To conclude the project, the children created imaginary seeds and plants that included aspects of a real flower's anatomy.

It was a fun and hands on project. The children were able to use art to record their scientific findings; they used a variety of art media; they worked in small and large scale; had a chance to use their imagination and practised their observational drawing.


Thank you Mrs Dennett (science lead) and Mr Chamberlain, for planning and teaching a lovely project with me.


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