We were lucky to have a warm and sunny term out in Forest School. 

Week one linked in with Year 3's Literacy learning about the book 'The tunnel'. The children learned a new challenging knot - the cowley hitch, which is an adjustable knot. We talked about not necessarily learning a knot straight away, but over a period of time, with repetition and perseverance. Some children used this knot to build a tunnel with natural materials, rope and tarpaulins. 

I introduced lots of qualities (written on leaves) that children can use to reflect on at the end of a Forest School session, such as Team Work, Dexterity, and Self-esteem. What has been developed? 

We spotted some spider webs covered in dew drops - which made them very visible. The children started learning about simple and compound leaf structures (compound is where there are lots of leaflets on a stem). 

Hammers, wood, string and nails were available to set their creativity free. We also made use of the green leaves and printed them onto fabric with a mallet (an ancient Japanese art of printing called Hapa Zome). 

The fairies came to visit and children helped to create homes for them for their stay, using anything natural they could find. 

Linking to 'George's marvelous medicine', the children brought their favourite ingredients into Forest School and they mixed together their special potions, thinking about what effect it would have on the person drinking it! They were not allowed to change me into a frog however! 

Week 5 saw the return of the fire - we tried something new this time. We lit a fire together and some children tried the fire strikers (or dragon sneeze!) to light their own fires. The children used gloves and secateurs to pick nettle leaves. We washed them, dipped them in a sauce made from Soy sauce, garlic powder and herbs and then fried them in oil until they turned to crisps. Nearly all children tried them and most loved them. I always emphasise how great it is to try new activities/food, even if the children decide they do not like it. 

Our final week saw the children building their volcanoes from natural materials watching them erupt. Some chose some Halloween craft - making spider webs, broom sticks/wands and leaf face drawings. Have a great half term everyone - enjoy the outdoors. 

Year 3 Forest School Autumn Term 1 2023