We were lucky to have a very sunny last term out in Forest School. 

The children learned a new knot- the Clove hitch -challenge them to practise this at home with any string you can find. We got out knives and peelers to make bows and arrows, which were great fun. 

Some children got very involved in picking vegetables that had grown over the summer in the flower beds. 

We looked at compound and simple leaves (compound leaves have more than one leaflet on each stem). 

I challenged Year 6 to make tripod shelters, showing them a way of tying the sticks together. Brilliant team work Year 6! 

I have written a separate blog about our trip to the woods - please have a look. 

Our last session saw us moving our fire circle logs under the newly built shelter, which meant we could make fire for the first time in damp conditions. We are very lucky! We collected fire wood, lit a fire and made popcorn, observing the changes. Saying it was popular is an understatement! 

Year 6 also used palm drills for conkers to create necklaces and little creatures! 

Have a great half term - enjoy the outdoors. 


Year 6 Forest School Autumn Term 1 2023 extra



































Year 6 Forest School Autumn Term 1 2023