Linking in with their Science topic, the year 3 children explored plants in more detail today. In groups they were finding materials, building flowers and labelling them. Instead of exploring leaves today they explored bark, by feeling it and creating bark rubbings with crayons (and remembering the names of the trees as well). The children dug up some weeds from the flower beds (and therefore weeding at the same time) and explored the parts of a plant. 

I have witnessed some brilliant building this week - we saw a car and roads (including junctions) appear, a den with a working door as well as a den by the witches tree. The mud kitchen had mint pies, ice cream and cakes on offer. 

Some children offered to help dig a whole to fill with dead wood for Stag beetles. This is a continuous project. 

There was clay on the craft table this week - the children could choose to make nature imprints. 

Our new tool was the hammer - they could use it to make some plant prints on fabric. It is an old Japanese art called Hapa Zome . 

By the way, all bird feeders from the previous week had disappeared!