This week was all about animals in Year 2. We woke up the worms by moving in different ways, we chatted about who eats worms and why they are useful. 

The children learned an insect song to help them to identify them. As squirrels, they were hiding some acorns and had to remember at the end of the session where they were hidden! The squirrels did incredibly well! 

Bug hunting was big on the list this week. We spoke about where to find them, picking them up carefully and releasing them at the end of the session again. 

We decided to make a stag beetle habitat as they are protected and in need of habitat expansion- the larvae eat dead wood for at least 2 years under ground and the children chose wood and started digging a hole. This will be a continuous project. 

Year 2 also helped plant some new seeds in the raised beds, carrots, lettuce, onions, radishes and flowers. Fingers crossed they will all grow (we need more rain!). 

The craft table had clay on it today and the children could make owls, snails with conkers or animals of their choice. 

2GD decided to bring some water colours to the Forest School area as they had been looking at the artist Turner. They sat very peacefully and painted the landscape in our area. 

Some children got to play an ant game which was all about team work and carrying items

The heavens opened on Wednesday afternoon just towards the end of our session and hardly anyone had brought a coat! That lesson was learned very quickly. Rain does not stop us in Forest School when the right clothing is being worn. 

By the way, all the bird feeders from our previous week had disappeared!!