Welcome to Forest School. 

Our first week was all about trees, this week we looked at animals of the forest. We played a game 'You are only safe if...' and the children had to find certain trees or materials. Then they turned into birds - talking about what birds feed on and finding different coloured 'worms' in the area - thinking about camouflaging and what birds do to bring the worms to the surface. 

Children used a peeler to make bird feeders from apples and seeds and hung them in the trees. 

We also set up a plant experiment, placing them in different areas with and without water. 

We placed a big pine cone in water and watched what happened throughout the session - as pine cones only want to sow their seeds when it is warm, they close up. 

To finish off we played the 'bat and moth' game - the children talked about echolocation and how the bats find their prey in the dark. What great fun!