Luckily the storms had calmed down and we could enter our Forest School area. The first challenge was to collect lots of sticks and branches that had fallen on the school field and to push the heavy wheelbarrows. In groups, they made shapes with the sticks - the circle was a challenging one. I saw great team working skills developing. 

The rest of our session was all about story telling. The children found some hidden props in our area and they helped to act out 'Little Red Riding Hood' as it is set in the Woodlands. I wonder if the children come across any stories that are set in the forest - particularly where the Woodland is presented in a positive way. Feel free to bring in any stories. 

The children drew story pebbles that we will use to create our own stories. They used the props to act out the story and used story dice to provide them with ideas. The tool of the day was a peeler which they used safely, peeled their carrots and ate them! Yum. So much fun, running (I can imagine the children having gone home tired!) and imagination coming to the surface.