Year 3 were made aware of something mysterious lurking behind the mound on the field today, so went to investigate! When we reached the Forest School area, we noticed a pile of logs that had been used for a fire and some kind of prehistoric den. Then, much to the children's amazement (and terror in some cases!) a real-life Stone Age cave man emerged over the mound! It was Claw!! Using only his basic language, Claw renamed some of the children using Stone Age names such as 'Water', 'Flower' and even 'Poo'! The children were then able to ask Claw some questions about his lifestyle and we learnt that he has to hunt deer to eat and make clothes from. To locate deer, Claw would search for deer poo! Luckily he found some and then ate the poo to see if it was fresh and therefore, if deer were near! After waving goodbye to Claw, the children came back into the classroom to compile questions they would like to ask a cave man and these will form the basis of our history learning this term!