Term 4 was all about the Stone age for Year 3! 

The children practised their knots, they created tools out of sticks and flint stones, they made their own natural paint brushes and paint and used the wattle and daub method to create walls and shelters. 

In our second session, we went to Covert woods (see separate blog) - unfortunately it was too stormy for Mr Chamberlain's class and the trip had to be cancelled. However they got to cook apple slices with sugar and cinnamon over the fire, observing the changes in material. 

Our final session was all about the fire and Stone Age cooking. Children got the opportunity to grind their own oats to flour and to mix this with water, herbs of their choice and a pinch of salt. The dough was then cooked on a hot dry pan over the fire. Patience was needed and the bread was very popular. 

Year 3 Forest School Term 4 2024