A fun packed Term at Forest School for Year 4. We learned some woodland bird names and looked at signs of spring, learning about buds. Year 4 helped to bring up the woodchip from the bottom of the field with wheelbarrows and distributed it around the new trees to help them grow (and making our area less muddy). 

In week 1 we had tools out- knives and saws for cutting wood and whittling. We are creating a fairy area and the children helped to create people and mushrooms. The new area is up and running for the children to play with. 

Linking in with their class learning, some learners chose to build a Roman settlement over a few weeks. 

We had some den building equipment out which some chose to use but many others went with their own ideas. It is great to observe how settled the children now are in Forest School and they know what options there are, like bug hunting, tree climbing, digging for treasure, imaginative role play, nature art etc. 

In week 4 we made a fire together, remembering the fire triangle and rules. Children learned that melted sugar turns to caramel - through heating apple slices with sugar and cinnamon over the heat of the fire. The fire strikers were very popular and needed a great amount of perseverance. 

The children explored the slack line and hammock, we made a Forest Web with ropes to see how the ecosystem in the woodland is connected and we read a story about the Wood wide web and learned how the trees are interconnected.  

Have a lovely Easter break and enjoy nature.