Beech class was lucky with good weather last week and we could explore Covert Woods. Unfortunately the wind forecasts were too strong for Chestnut class to go on Friday but we will try and find a replacement date. Safety always goes first. 

We listened to the sounds around us and played a warm-up game of 'zip-zap-boing'. Beech class prepared a journey stick, which is a method that people used to use to record their journeys. We went for a walk around the area where there are mainly Beech, Pine, Silver Birch and Chestnut trees. The children picked up items on route and added them to their strings, practising their overhand knots. We even found part of an animal skeleton (we are still working out which animal this is from).  At the end we shared what we found on our journey. 

People in the Stone Age also used messages made from sticks and stones - Year 3 used the same method and the adults had to follow their tracks. Some children even made up their own symbols. Beech class was not ready to leave when the mini buses picked us up - which is always a great sign of enjoyment! Well done .


Year 3 Woodland trip 2024 Covert Woods