In Forest School this term Year 4 have been exploring: 

- how to make a reef knot 

- creating spider webs (some in team work), making broomsticks and wands, 

- splashing in the mud 

- how to keep the ground less soggy by spreading bark chip

-cutting willow branches, making new holes and planting them in the ground for new willow rods 

- making remembrance poppies with sticks and string 

- using palm drills to make poppies out of log slices 

- clearing the flower beds, emptying the newly made soil from the compost, filling up the new raised beds in the polytunnel and planting bulbs 

- mushrooms!

-sawing with a saw and making a class wooden door sign, sanding it and designing it 

- drilling and hammering to make Christmas crafts 

- how to make a fire, melting chocolate like the Maya and dipping bread sticks into it. 

- how to become more resilient, to be proud and to take risks. 

Have a fantastic Christmas break everyone! I am looking forward to more muddy fun next year. 

Forest School Term 2 Year 4 2023